Writing gets better

I’m finally making progress with my story.

Nanowrimo. Write  one novel in a month.

At first, the hardest part was choosing one -yes, only one- story to write. I got 4 dozen ideas in various stages of chapter 1 and to really bring in that focus -that focus- down to only one was the hardest part right off the bat.

After dithering between the final 3 ideas, I finally got the story. I pulled up my old notes, reviewed, pecked out a few more lines and then stared stared stared at the blank page.

I had to be this character again, figured out the world and setting, identify the why’s and  how’s for character motivation and finalize the plot.

But that was nothing once I ran smack into the problem of the Antagonist. Namely, why the fight? What’s the motivation  for conflict? Who -as in role- does this antagonist have regarding clash with the protagonist. Is  it personal, consequential,  intentional, causal, or other types of conflict?

I spent most of the month thinking it through in my head, the word count mocking me with its lack of movement or progress.

But I think I’ve finally got a thread to follow. Hopefully, a thread that will weave a story that will take 6 months to write and edit to death.

Progress, as some would say, goes at its own pace.

Tortoise paced.

Frankly, I’m not going to even think about sharing or publishing this monster until I’ve actually written the damn thing!

I’ll take my time, write at my pace. The only mandate is to finish, period.


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