Another Day of Awesome


I’ve never been more relaxed than I’ve been this week so far.

I’m on vacation and loving every minute.

Fear? Sure.

I was scared I was gonna miss my flight, thanks to a last minute trip to Walmart I made. Between missing the bus and waiting for the next one, I barely made to the airport in time.

But I made it.

Then I was on the plane, wondering idly if the clap-trap would make it before my toes froze. Next, sprinting in the airport to catch the next plane which I almost missed since they were boarding my layover the moment I disembarked my first plane.

At least I figured out what the Naruto dash is for. Arms back, dragging duffle bag on wheels.

Ninja, please!!

Then, the second flight where I couldn’t quite get a nap since the window seat was freezing my arm off.

Could of been worse. At least they gave me lots of water and the world’s smallest pack of pretzels.

When I arrived at the hotel, I just faceplanted in bed for a few seconds.

Did I really make it?

Dunno, let’s check in when I wake up.

Day 1: Just chill

I was tired as fuck, so I just lounged around. It was great for 1/2 day, then I got bored.

Well, there’s tomorrow…

Day 2: What we doin’?

Well, I realized that I didn’t have a drawing pad; more accurately, I brought the wrong one.

So, what better first stop than to the art store. Which had stuff on sale!!? Happy Halloween bitches!!!

Dude, I got hooked up!! Drawing pads, watercolor booklets, water soluble pencils.

Why don’t they have this where I live -at a reasonable price?

At least they’re online so I can order from them next time.

Fear? Sure.

I had to take the public transportation system. Which, I don’t really have much prior experience with.

So, research: 1. buy a card. 2. Get on train 3. wait…how do I pay for this and where is this going?


So, I will say Google Maps is a savior. They have info on times of departure, the names and numbers for trains and busses. And location tracking along the way.

Cut on the embarrassment factor, but  when in doubt, ask the locals. They know shit.

So I pestered this girl reading a book about how to pay for the train (it wasn’t that obvious…I think) and I apologize to this gorgeous city for accidently withholding. Do know I paid for everything once the ignorance was dispelled.

I don’t want to go to jail…

Then I pestered her again about the stops. In the end, she seemed worried I wouldn’t make it off at the right stop and my feelings arrived at the intersection of grateful and feeling like an invalid.

But, hey, who needs feelings. I just want to get there safely!

So, after shopping, I needed breakfast. Wanted a mocha so mapped to a nearby cafe.

Apparently, the only one that doesn’t do soy substitutions for whatever reason. But the shop keep was this adorable grandfather type, and I wanted to support so spent extra on an addictive muffin.

Totally worth it.

Then I mapped it back to civilization to get a soy mocha venti from Starbucks. I’ve learned my lesson…

And I still had half a day to kill.

to be continued


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