Coffee #25: Cut it!

"Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it" ~"Cut It" by OT Genasis Those strings be way too tight, you need to cut it My throat -I'm hung- no hands,  you need to cut it Apron strings, your puppet sings, need to cut it. Oh, yeah... I... Continue Reading →

Writing gets better

I'm finally making progress with my story. Nanowrimo. Write  one novel in a month. At first, the hardest part was choosing one -yes, only one- story to write. I got 4 dozen ideas in various stages of chapter 1 and to really bring in that focus -that focus- down to only one was the hardest... Continue Reading →

Elicit my Response

via Daily Prompt: Elicit I knew you only wanted a reaction. A farce to play on just such a day Pushing beyond unnecessary I watch the brat's display. Why do all the children linger past their prime? Why are you even still alive? Age is not an indication of maturity Tantrums at sixty-five. Have I... Continue Reading →

Trying to Write

So, I finally got around to joining NaNoWriMo. And it's been a series of confusion. I just can't seem to get in that headspace where I pull out my best work. Motivations for characters are harder than I thought. And maybe I painted myself into a corner with the original conception of the characters. My main... Continue Reading →

Into Place

In so many ways I can look back and see how my life was molded, impressed and buffeted. Like an unspoiled block of clay in the hands of a child, I was squished and pulled, ripped apart and put back together, tossed and dirtied, abandoned and found in the unyielding grip of life. And now... Continue Reading →

Fear Mongering

To succumb to fear Is to fall victim to the oldest weapon That brought every mighty empire to its knees. Swords brought low Strength crumbles away Panic and chaos roam the streets. Fright and flight on everyone's lips We succumb to cowardice. Snap. Out. Of. It. Life goes on. Children are born. Flowers bloom and... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Edibles

Read about Day 1 and the first half of Day 2 in my earlier post Another Day of Awesome. Day 2 continued: Where I forget to dress up After refilling at the font of the Mocha gods, I hopped on a bus in an impulsive interest to visit a museum. On the way, I encountered several mysterious... Continue Reading →

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