Starving 4 Touch

This world is like prison
A prison for the senses
We can see, but not approach
Hear, but not engage
Taste, but not prepare
Smell, but not track

All 4 senses are given full range
I can view the world around me
Hear the buzz of life, or the whispers
Of noise-canceling headphones

I can inhale freshly fallen leaves
Smell a delicious meal,
Admire the scent of calming cologne…

I can taste meals uneaten
Imagine food unprepared
Immerse within the flavor of
Spice and salty sweet bitter umami!

And eyes…. yes eyes
The freest of the senses
Even if going blind, glasses will
Clarify the world, admire
Shapes and forms and
Please the naked eye
Even when naked.

But I must forever chain my hands…

I see skin that must remain untouched
Sculptures devoid of tactile encounters
I want to caress her
But society forbids it

I want to hold you in my arms
I want to hug you
Without it being a crime
My arms are so empty

Touching more screens
Than we touch each other-
I don’t remember what human
Feels like…

When I see you
I wonder at the softness of your skin
The rough stubble
And seeing a model poised
Nude -how am I simply
Supposed to draw you?
Why can’t I touch you?

Ahh, touch, the forbidden word
A word of slander, and broken
Trust. A word that harkens to
Courts and small broken children,
Assaults and bruises.

But here, I speak only of the gentle touch
The touch of lovers, eros and platonic
A soft caress that accompanies
A “love you” or a
Friendship of depth and caliber.

But touch is forbidden
Touch is taboo
And hugs cannot be assumed
So just don’t do them at all-

Why is the 5th sense punished?

And will my lover despise
My need to touch? Will it
Only be a nuisance?  A turn off
To be avoided at all costs?
Will my need to worship with my fingers
And lips only dissuade the fragility of
Our tentative union?

Don’t you understand?
I am starving for touch…


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