Got issues? Don’t we all…

Criticism doesn’t do anything but breed resentment and demoralization. Rather than criticize, consider the power of gentle reminders and recognition of the good actions taken. The right decisions made and executed.

I’ve learned many valuable lessons during my time here on earth. An important factor of life for me is to continue learning, as much as possible, within the time that I have remaining, however much that may be.

I want to learn. I want to use the knowledge gained to improve, to change, to develop.

To exceed and succeed.

Beyond your wildest dreams.

Honestly, I think that’s my purpose. Specific application comes easily -almost naturally- wherever I am placed, whatever role I take, whatever job I accept.

The fun is in circumventing the obstacles. Solving the puzzle of the human psyche. Deciphering the laws of nature. Tapping into the wavelength of possibility.

The sky is wide open. Seize the sky, take the world.

Take the world, but don’t make her your bitch. Treat her right, and she’ll treat you right. Karma aligns the scales of balance.

Feed the good wolf, tithe good karma, lend to the rich.

Always stay hungry. Remain starving.

Don’t get comfortable. Ever.

Comfort is death and death is the end for everything.



Is the word you use to blockade yourself without reason. Just emotion and irrationality. And doubts. Laced with the dye of deception.

Enemies of enemies are not friends. And friends are hard to come by and easy to lose.

So sad, too bad!!

So don’t lose them like dice on the track. Like pawns on the chessboard. Life isn’t a game.

The game is but a part of life.

Don’t confuse the game of life with living.

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