I’m calling Bullshit!!

So what? I thought that your
Precious flag flies high
Over the heads of those who
Listen to their conscience.
Not popular demand
And man, this is crazy
That the freedom that you tote
To protect voices of hate
Is quick to condemn
The voices of inquisition and
Thoughtful inquiry.

It is not your right
To determine right or wrong
It is not your right
To condemn and raise contempt
It is not your right
To judge and “school” and “teach lessons”
To someone who has lived
Life you have never experienced
That you don’t understand
That you are quick to condemn
Because your pride and arrogance
Can’t conceive of a life
Different from your privilege.

That is your right, to think your own mind
And thoughts, and voice your opinions
But it is NOT  your right
To impose those thoughts and opinions
On everyone else
We like to say “we America”
But act like “we China”
How many babies can I have?
How many abortions can I have?
Censor or censure
You can’t claim to be enlightened
And behave like like an oppressor.


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