Identity #12: Metamorphisis

I have been... Reborn? Rejuvenated? Renewed. Within this month, I feel like my brain has been recalibrated. That I've turned a corner and am suddenly on the path I've been trying to find my whole life. "I'm on a new level" or some shit. How did this start? Ironically, it was in a situation where... Continue Reading →

Got issues? Don’t we all…

Criticism doesn't do anything but breed resentment and demoralization. Rather than criticize, consider the power of gentle reminders and recognition of the good actions taken. The right decisions made and executed. I've learned many valuable lessons during my time here on earth. An important factor of life for me is to continue learning, as much as possible,... Continue Reading →

Dream Scape

Washing cooked tofu in a wash machine. Set on rinse. Then it started adding soap, so I stopped the machine and rinsed again, then stopped it once done. I was so sure I could still eat it, then something or someone said (possibly my Mother) "You know you can't eat that right?" "Yeah," I said,... Continue Reading →

Life is what you make it

Fear can be the cement block weighing your feet 1000 ft below the surface. Hope can be the wings that lend lift to your soul 1000 ft above the clouds. Despair can be the inky scent of swamp and graveyards. Peace can be the clean-smelling air after the rainstorm. Family can be a group of... Continue Reading →

I’m calling Bullshit!!

So what? I thought that your Precious flag flies high Over the heads of those who Listen to their conscience. Not popular demand And man, this is crazy That the freedom that you tote To protect voices of hate Is quick to condemn The voices of inquisition and Thoughtful inquiry. It is not your right To... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I find it hard to care. I always manage to return, a stupid circle that doesn't make sense,  one I cannot erase. I wish I hadn't learned, or that I had forgotten. It's a part of me now, it tears me apart now and nothing I do or say seems to work. But I... Continue Reading →

Surrounded by Death

There was no need to get so close, I am well aware Of how short time is and how closer I get -every day- to the grave That there is no escape and how god is holding this loaded gun to my head Teasing me with thoughts of futile eternity and imagine heaven But I... Continue Reading →

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