Just a Process

To you, I am nothing but a process
A series of goals and timelines
To daisy chain through my mind and
Out my throat, like ripping out the
Seed you had planted, yanking the roots
From my brain and snaking them
Off my tongue -a concept full grown
That you can steal and acquire
With pain and fire, why can’t
You see past your own narrow-minded
Porthole to see that the process
You covet cannot exist without the
People who nurture them?


With a pop and a flash the world became
Brighter and swallowed all the past with its
Brilliant glow. The size of the possibilities
Explodes with vicious veracity,
Endless velocity to flutter the sheets of
Written paper towards the endless perspective
That isn’t quite here, do note that all the
Options are illusions, gaping and swallowing
In doorways that lead to misery;
All or nothing.

And so I feed their curiosity with bits of bone
Slices of flesh, provide a morsel of
Soul to keep them appraised
Sizzling griddles, braised and
Crunched -and the flavor of the mortal soul
Truly is stale and weary like overly worn soles
Rash and useless, all in one
I barter moments of life for another
Flash and pop.



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