Coffee 22: Toilet basket Scene 3

Freaken Weekend "So, how was your weekend?" ...fuck me. This question? Again?  "It was a weekend," I replied, burying my face into my laptop, hoping people would get a hint. "Okayyyy described it in one word." You've GOT to be shitting me. If my thoughts could kill, I'd've stabbed myself in the eye. "Uhhh, it's a... Continue Reading →


Just a Process To you, I am nothing but a process A series of goals and timelines To daisy chain through my mind and Out my throat, like ripping out the Seed you had planted, yanking the roots From my brain and snaking them Off my tongue -a concept full grown That you can steal... Continue Reading →

Absolute Zero

For so long, days and nights have just been marking time on a clock. Scratching marks on the wall, like a prisoner awaiting release despite the fact that the sentence is life. Waking up to the sun, the moon, the stars -the half-hearted belief that I would awake when I closed my eyes and the... Continue Reading →

Oblivion… Is there?

Many weeks ago: "Oh my gosh! Did you hear about Orlando?" my friend asked as I slurped my vanilla-bean frappaccino. "What, the weather? Yeah, the hurricanes are bad in FL right now..." "No, the shooting! The one at the nightclub."She shook her phone at my puzzled expression. "What?! What shooting?" "Yeah, there are 50 dead... Continue Reading →

The Way I Are -Right Now

Dear July Vacation I wish I didn't have to leave you. I want to go back to the coffee shops that felt so peaceful. The more I integrate back, the more I realize that I'm so over being in this location -I dream of the ocean. The scent of the waves, the vibration of the... Continue Reading →

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