Jason Bourne (2016)

*Minimal spoilers… resisting the urge…

Overall Impressions

Disappointment. Tired tropes. Nothing new here…

Frankly, this wasn’t a film I expected to blow me out of the water. I suspected that the trailer would staple together the highest octane components of the film.

But when the trailer seems better put together than the actual film, that tends to disappoint…

In addition, this has stimulated a slew of puns, which I shall utilize throughout this post.

Focal points:

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Action


Plot = Bourne to be Wild

If you are expecting a deep, thorough plot, this is the wrong movie for you!

I will say that, taking this film completely out of context of the prior movies, if you wanted pure action, that’s the only way this plot works.Some of the motivations tend to be trite, mostly driven by grudges and assumptions. Don’t think about how things flow into each other, because it will not make sense.

Just go with it.

After the last film where he regains his memories and recognizes his own role in his calamity, little has changed.

Honestly, Bourne can’t seem to be anyone or do anything unless he’s being chased by the powers-that-be.



Aside from Bourne, the other characters are pale, washed out, and frankly only present to fill out a background.


The Bourne-Tamer

Naive. Painfully naive.

The caring female character who understands. Who wants to help.

Who wants to tame the wild creature that is “Bourne to be Wild”… We’ve seen this before, and there is little to note here. I’m just surprised she actually got permission to try.

And despite beefing her up as the Cyber-analyst, I couldn’t help feeling that we’ve watched this ploy before…


Bourne Obstacles

The two primary “villains” are very two dimensional. One stimulated by fear, the other revenge. Both make incomprehensible decisions considering that they each know what they’re dealing with -aka, Mr. “Bourne-to-Create-Chaos” who retaliates at nuclear levels whenever he gets pissed off.


Sorely disappointed  by the lack of actual planning and the faulty execution of these purportedly powerful and elite forces who should have the power to at least put up reasonable resistance.

Alas! I will just feast my eyes on-


Jason (Stub) Bourne

At this stage, Jason has approached the midpoint of his life, in many different aspects. After all the movies, this character is a story of a flame that looked like it was dying before suddenly renewed itself with the appearance of another challenge.

In an effort to bring him more in touch with his emotions, you will be treated to several flashbacks. Enjoy.

As the trailer foretold, he gains his memories and this drives him to do…absolutely nothing. A sullen nomad who has no purpose until a familiar situation arises to poke the sleeping bear.

Bourne to be Free couldn’t resist a challenge. Which is where-


Bourne to be Violent…

Comes in.

The only enjoyable part of the was the action. And for a rated R film, they were rather light on the blood/fight factor.

Is there plenty of fighting, shooting, and tacticals. Yes.

Does Bourne continue to kick ass? Hell-fucking-yeah.

And yet, I still felt cheated. I expected way more action than what was given. For me the action is the whole point of the Bourne series. Barring the fact the plot is practically laughable.


Rating: 4/10

As much as I enjoy the franchise, the last  few installments have disappointed in light of their moderately brilliant ancestors. The first 2 films will, for me, continue to be the best.

This one failed for me due to the lack of innovation in the plot, the lack of a sensible plot (period), and for the truckload of predictability present in the motivations and reactions of the “Agency” and Bourne himself.

Can’t we at least finalize if he’s even interested in addressing the Agency aside from lashing out when provoked? Will Bourne just let the Agency putter around and fester or will he finally resolve that dynamic?

(Or….drumroll… will he finally break down and go to therapy.  :P)

He’s gone from problem solving to just not giving a fuck.

Hence, my disappointment and low rating.

I will just have to get my jollies from his excellent hand-to-hand combat skills, close range shooting, sniping, elite tactics, and innovative stratagems in urban warfare.

I almost want to beg Matt Damon to quit Bourne while he’s ahead.






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    1. Thanks screenzealots! I’m glad you enjoyed my review. And yeah, even though I didn’t pay any money per se (gift card) I’ll NEVER get that time back. #FeelingCheated


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