Brain Quotes 6: Paradox

Legal determines Illegal:

It’s funny that laws dictate what’s illegal.

Yeah… good ol’ law and order -the source of lawless disorder. Pointing at things that are otherwise unimportant and making them blow up just by saying “No”.

“No” you can’t smoke weed.
“No” you can’t drink alcohol.
“No” you can’t smoke cigarettes.
“No” you can’t use the “wrong” fucking bathroom.
“No” you can’t not have insurance. All of them.
“No” you can’t say no. To anything.
“No” you can’t have justice. Tough.
“No” you can’t expect common sense. Too bad.
“No” you can’t let people stay.
“No” you can’t let people go.
“No” you can’t let people come.
“No” you can’t let people work.
“No” you can’t let people not work.
“No” you can’t make your own decisions.
“No” you can’t not make a decision.
“No” you can’t say it’s none of our business.
“No” you can’t make this everyone’s business.
“No” you can’t abort.
“No” you can’t ask for child support.
“No” you can’t ask for social contribution.
“No” you can’t say people can’t have social contribution.
“No” you can’t say yes.
“No” you can’t say “I do”.
“No” you can’t live in sin.
“No” you can’t get married.
“No” you can’t adopt.
“No” you can’t keep the orphanage open.
“No” you can’t keep law and order.
“No” you can’t have revolution or chaos.
“No” you can’t point out the problem.
“No” you can’t point out the solution -how dare you!
“No” you can’t stay quiet.
“No” you can’t say a goddamn word.
“No” you can’t dress.
“No” you can’t undress.
“No” you can’t wear that.
“No” you can’t not wear that.
“No” you can’t tempt people.
“No” you can’t revolt people.
Just “No”.

Don’t like it?
Make a law about it.


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