Jason Bourne (2016)

*Minimal spoilers... resisting the urge... Overall Impressions Disappointment. Tired tropes. Nothing new here... Frankly, this wasn't a film I expected to blow me out of the water. I suspected that the trailer would staple together the highest octane components of the film. But when the trailer seems better put together than the actual film, that tends to... Continue Reading →

We’re not perfect…

I bite my lip nervously, our eyes hover in the moment of hush. We kiss again, deeper, hands moving from shoulders to neck, back, arms, and skimming down to chest. I inhale his exhale, suck in her breathy moans, fingers roaming wildly. Our caresses transition to desperate groping- I twist my fingers in his hair,... Continue Reading →

When Protection = Hurting yourself

Welcome to one of my disorganized posts... When protecting yourself is hurting yourself... That could be the mission statement for my life. Period. In many ways, pain has been a constant companion in my life. And I'm okay with that. Maybe my mission statement should actually be: You know you're alive when you feel pain. Embrace... Continue Reading →

Individuals… NOT (In) divide u alls

"Isn't there enough suffering here without us beating each other?" ~unknown I feel like I'm in a crusher right now. And I don't need that ish. The world is only as big as I make it. And I wanted to make it small enough that I could heal myself, yet big enough to let people in. But people... Continue Reading →

Actually, I Need…

It's not enough to say it. You gotta do it. Otherwise, it'll never be real... To sleep more. To actually sleep. To exercise more. To actually exercise. To work out more. To actually work out. To love myself more. To actually love myself. To support myself more. To actually support myself. To make better decisions... Continue Reading →

Coffee 20: For your Information-

The tunes of the week: "Waaayyy up, I feel Blessed." ~Blessed by Big Sean "I wanna apologize, I'm not really sorry." ~Really Really by Kevin Gates Well, it started with Starbucks. No, I lied. It started with working on a weekend. I ❤ students, really I do. But the weekend is precious!! And hiking around the woods at... Continue Reading →

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