“I’m on my worst behavior” – Worst Behavior by Drake

Get your fingers off my throat
Can’t fucking breathe, drowning when I should float
Don’t strangle with one hand and caress with the other

I must be back in school, surrounded by fools
That wanna test me, add-on more rules
Logic? Gone. End of that song
Don’t wanna hear another fuckin’ word.

Not gonna hold my breath, for words
Like “sorry” or “my bad”, just little birds
Telling me the truth. It’s cool
You’ll be the tool, and I’ll play the victim.

Do know, it’s just a game to me
I’ve beat this level, nothing new to see
Same shit different day
All I’ve got to say -put a lid on that!

Tell me all about how you need support
Oxygen wasted, broken bones contort,
Deaf ears only hear actions, simpleton-
Ritalin? Fantastic, but keep your lines straight.

Keep your lies straight, don’t juggle
If ya can’t multitask, don’t bother struggle
Now’s a lot too late… surprise.
I’m surprised you’re surprised.

Time = money, don’t be funny honey,
I’m not interested in you -dummy
In this inequality, I’m seizing the moment
And you’re still searching. Seizure.

Must be frustrating, never getting a hold
Gotta say, this game’s gotten really really old
Really fast -gotta at least entertain me
Else, Imma find me a better one.

Really? Really…
So not in, feel me?
Don’t ask me how I’m feeling,
I brought the shovel, you always bring dirt.

Let’s get this over with
Spare me the Judas kiss
I expect a perimeter, there’s your world
Here’s mine. Don’t cross the line.

I don’t care if you busy being too fake
Don’t care if you come crying -it’s too late
Wasted my valuable attention, and I’m moving on
Adios! My goodbyes are always final.

Cuz I paid my dues, put in my time
Stayed good in jail, paid all my fines
The future’s mine, I don’t lend it to anybody
I keep it, and I expect returns on my investment

True testament, I don’t get more time, it’s all I got
Don’t play me, that’s when skeletons rot
Talk to the hand, I’m the man
Bitch, I’m the… know what? Drop mic.

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