Sometimes, the best things in life appear to belong in one category but really should be shelved in another.

Just be flexible and go with it. ūüėÄ

Like a wave crashed to shore
Stressed out no more
Finally let go
Bottle bobs with the flow
I can finally feel the current taking me home

Was it real? Does it matter?
No hurt, no broken chatter
Glad and happy
No longer sappy
Myself again, no heartbeats or distractions.

And yet, what is this dread?
What are these thoughts scuttling madly in my head?
Doubt and fear
Sighs and arrears
Accept the challenge, ya pussy. You can do it. Step by step. Set your mind to it.

What are you trying to tell me?
Speak to me, brain, it cannot be
That I have forgotten how to communicate-
Excommunicate senses that exacerbate
-Send me an interpreter pronto!

For I am puzzled, nay, hindered
This disgruntlement had not tenured
Resignation into resolution
Instead, a strange convolution
Has taken hold, as if a vital detail were forgotten.

Perhaps I will dream, a subtle reminder
Please tell me, act as my loyal finder
The better half of me,
Come tell me
The pieces I have mistaken for glass.

Or maybe it is just sorrow,
That in all the infinite tomorrows
You will always carry that wound
From yesterday’s doomed
Heartbreak -I can but see, and cannot heal

It is my burden
With all the words, I cannot with any certain
Establishment erase, replace, or overshadow
The past, it is in my nature to wallow
With ailments I cannot fix, puzzles unsolvable.

Ahh, of course I’d latch onto the problem
And not the solution, vaguest emblem
Of unfortunate symbols, rather than focus
On wins, step into the future with lotus
Growth pure despite environment.

Let it be so
Time to let go
So let it be written-
In rock be smitten-
So let it be done.

Farewell romance
Hello alliance
Let us be successful
And our time remain special
With good fortune


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