Flash Fiction Day #4

Inspired by “Hotline Bling” ~ by Drake. And reality.

Flash Fiction Day 2016

Proxied Knight: Helping or Enabling?

How can I save you when you won’t save yourself?
Will I just become another one of your knights?
Doomed to destroy myself in futility?

Will I just become another one of your victims?
Dead by proxy of you?

“Savior” ~Opalflame

Day 1

“I’m here to rescue youuuuuu.”

The ringtone blares. He knows that tune.

Staring at the nightstand, Dante watches as the vibration of the incoming call steers the cell phone closer and closer to the edge.

It only rings for them.

Dante wonders idly what his life could be, if only he could ignore their call. Lose his phone, hop into his Mustang and disappear. Just disappear.

He knows better than that, of course. They always had a knack for tracking him down.

He scratches at the geometric tattoo on his neck. Reaching out, he reluctantly presses the phone to his ear.


“MOTHER FUCKER! I’ve been calling for FOUR HOURS, why didn’t you pick up the fucking phone!!!”

Dante winces at the high pitched shriek, yanking the phone from his ear as she continues to rant and rave. After a few moments, the shriek reduces to lower decibels and he puts the phone back to his ear.

“What is it, Gloria?” he asks with a sigh.

“… I need a ride.”

SIGH. “Where are you?”

“On the corner of 32nd and Main. Get your ass down here and get me!”

“Call a taxi, Gloria.”

“Are you fucking-?”



Day 2

“I’m here to rescue youuuuuu.”

Dante reaches over and snatches up the phone. “Hello?”

“Dante?” sniff. “Is that you?”


“Dante, I need your help. He threatened to kill himself again and I can’t find him!”

Shit, I thought she dumped his ass. What the fuck?

“Tracy, we talked about this. He’s just manipulating you. He’s refused to get help, and you can’t help him.”

“I know, I know, but it’s not his fault. He’s just got everything going against him and-”

“Tracy, are you going to leave him?”

“Wha-? How could you even ask me that?!”

Dante sighs. “So I’m guessing that’s a no?”

“Of course not!! I’m the only one he can-”

“I’m hanging up, Tracy.”

“What!? You can’t just-”



Day 3

“I’m here to rescue youuuuuu.”

Dante grits his teeth and scoops the phone off the floor.


“Dante, baby, where are you?”

Dante pinches the bridge of his nose. “Julia, I told you not to call this number.”

“But, you didn’t really mean that, did you baby?” her sultry tones drip across the lines. “Julia needs you, honey. Julia needs her papi.”

“Julia, where is your husband?”

“Greg? He’s in  Miami, so he won’t bother us, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Julia… I told you, it’s over.”

“Sure, whatever, we both know you didn’t mean it.”

“Juliaaaa,” Dante grinds out. “I did mean it.”


“Every. Word.”

“Awww, don’t be like thatttt.”




If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again-



Day 4

Hello. No one is available to take your call. Please leave a message after the tone.


“Pick up the phone, Dante!! I swear to fucking god, if you don’t pick up this phone, I’m gonna fucking kill you!!! How dare you leave me here, you know I need my fix!! Do you know what-?”



Second message, 5:36 am.


“Papi, come on! You know Greg and I are practically separated, what’s a little fun gonna do?

So I lied, we aren’t divorced, are you going to throw away what we have over something so trifling? Dante, I need youuu-“

BEEP! End of second message.

Third message, 9:13pm


“Hello, this is Officer Tarus of the 67th precinct. Is this the number for Dante Valeras? We found the body of a female fished out of the river this morning. Your number was in the phone we recovered from the victim. An officer stopped by your house this afternoon but no one answered, please contact me at 0xx-xxx-xxxx as soon as possible. We need a positive id on the body- “

BEEP! End of third message.

“I’m here to rescue youuuuuu.”

Dante stares at the phone in his hand as it rings and rings. He knows that tune, it only plays when they call.

They always call.

He steps to the edge and tosses the phone into the ocean. Dante watches it arch through the air and splash into the water.

For a few moments, there is precious silence.

He walks back to his car. The Mustang roars to life and races off down the road.

Free at last.

Pulling into the parking lot of a road side diner, Dante enters the establishment and orders a turkey burger with cheese and triple spice.

The diner is pretty full, families crammed into booths and singles sitting on 80’s bar stools at the bar, munching lunch specials and staring up at the tv against the back wall. A man shouts as some team makes a…net?

Somewhere, a phone starts to ring.

Dante watches as a child begins to throw a tantrum, tossing fries around like grenades, face turning red as he flails from side to side, smacking his mother in the face as she attempts to placate him with water, then juice, then a bite of her carrot cake.

All to no avail.

“What do you want, Jared? Tell me what you want?” yells the equally distraught mother.

“Don’t do that.”

She looks up at Dante. “What?”

“Don’t enable him. It won’t do him any good.”

The woman’s eyes narrows. “Mind your own business!”

Dante shrugs and turns back to the TV.

A harried waitress snakes through the busy lunch crowd, a portable phone in hand.

Dante’s stomach sinks to his feet.

“Mister? Are you Dante?”

Dante nods slowly. He has a feeling that-

“I think this is for you…”

Reluctantly, Dante takes the phone.


“I’m here to rescue youuuuuu.”


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