Hey… where do you get your suit from?

So, do you fly to the left or the right?

The cool thing about being in a male dominant environment, is that there are a ton of people to ask the important questions of life.

Like…how do you tie a bow tie? Where can you get a nice suit? Any preferences in brand? How about shoes?

Eh, the things I do for love.

My friend of college years is getting married soon and she invited me to see her in white with her intended at the altar. I’m super thrilled for her, my Facebook feed has been choked with lovey-dovey photos of the two entwined within each other.

I haven’t met him (her fiance) yet, but even if a fraction of that visual love is real, I’m confident that they are well on their way to eternal happiness. Yes, I get sappy on other people’s behalf.

Cool, ‘cept now I gotta wear something nice. And I gave away all my dresses -not that I’d ever touch them again. So this has really galvanized my pursuit of a nice suit and bow tie. My friend’s supposed to show me how that works -the bow tie- otherwise I’ll stick with a regular tie. Thank you private Christian school for giving me the only useful skill in my life right now- knowledge of how to tie my own tie without a mirror or prop.

It was ironic destiny… ahaha!

So, turns out that suits are a bit complicated. Just-off-the-rack suits will need proper fitting and hemming, the material itself needs to be comfortable, one could visit any one of several stores in pursuit of a nice suit -And catch the sales!

Calvin Klien is a good brand, so I’m told… “But shoes are way more important!” an acquaintance shared with enthusiasm. “Those matter more than the suit, I’d say.”

Suuuuurre. Real simple huh?

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