I clicked on “Trash (1)”. What did I throw away?

Secondary symptoms include sleepless nights, nausea, freaking out, arguments for and against, and procrastination. And choking at the last second.


I’m talkin Cupid Affliction.

Ohhh, yes. I remember now why I threw it away.

The false euphoria. Bogus elevation. Inordinately inappropriate hype.

The pesky trash-bin. It must be emptied.

And yet, this struck me as a valid reflection of emotions. Namely emotions that lead to these sorts of afflictions.

Are these emotions that must be emptied? Trashed?

Granted, they are useless. Do nothing but make a regular life seem falsely improved. Falsely rosy and deceptively beautiful.

Fuck that.

Give me the ashes of reality, than the illusion of improvement.

So… the jury is still out on whether these emotions should similarly be summarily trashed and deleted permanently.

Would you? Delete the emotions that bring you pain?

Author's post- note: 
The photo attached 
is the answer,
to me, 
for the rhetorical question. 
Ironically the photo comes last. 
The words... always come first.

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