"I'm on my worst behavior" -¬†Worst Behavior by Drake Get your fingers off my throat Can't fucking breathe, drowning when I should float Don't strangle with one hand and caress with the other Motherfucker! I must be back in school, surrounded by fools That wanna test me, add-on more rules Logic? Gone. End of that... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, the best things in life appear to belong in one category but really should be shelved in another. Just be flexible and go with it. ūüėÄ Like a wave crashed to shore Stressed out no more Finally let go Bottle bobs with the flow I can finally feel the current taking me home Was... Continue Reading →

Death is always the Present

Inspired by LIFE Season 1 Episode 10, and CSI¬†Season 3 Episode 10 What did you see? In that last moment, as the dirt covers your face. As the ice froze your lungs. What was the final synapse? That last flash of electricity as your final exhale fluffed through the dirt. Like a noose around my... Continue Reading →

Coffee #19: A Series of Annoucements

Under the influence of my re-entry into all things beat, bass, rhyme, and rhythm, this post is written in majority Flow-etry. You're welcome. Went back to Church So I didn't plan out my day, Had the car and Mom. Meeting my Bro and our friends, out of the way. But, hey, haven't seen them in... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #5

Inspired by Life¬†(2013) Season 2 Episode 21 and the tragedies of Orlando, FL in 2016 and Aurora, CO in¬†2012. This is a work of fiction. Flash Fiction Day 2016 Part 2: One plus one equals 1 The professor strides to the front of the room¬†as the class volume lowers to a low hum. He scribbles... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #4

Inspired by "Hotline Bling" ~ by Drake. And reality. Flash Fiction Day 2016 Proxied Knight: Helping or Enabling? How can I save you when you won‚Äôt save yourself? Will I just become another one of your knights? Doomed to destroy myself in futility? Will I just become another one of your victims? Dead by proxy... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #3

Flash Fiction Day, June 22, 2016 Inspired by... fucked up relationships. Scapegoats - Bad Approach You're right. It's my fault. It's my fault that you're there¬†and I'm here.¬† Got it right for once. Cuz it wasn't my fault you snorted that shit on Friday. Wasn't my fault your job was drug testing on Monday. Wasn't... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #2

Written as part of Flash Fiction Day 2016 hosted by Damon L. Wakes on June 22nd. Inspired by "Whatever you like" ~ by T.I. ¬†while¬†doing my laundry. Part 1:¬†One plus one equals¬†2 Because you don't like me the way I love you. He gave her¬†a hickey, and as it faded so did their¬†love. The first... Continue Reading →

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