Captain America: Civil War


No Spoilers – hey, I’m trying here!

After months of everyone drawing up battle lines in the Ironman vs. Captain America fan club conventions, I figured this Avenger movie looked too good to pass up.

By the way, which team were you chanting for? Answer carefully, this question has divided marriages, offices, and other beautiful unions…

So the highlights/focal points for me are as follows:

  • Action
  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Spiderman –> we all want to know, right?
  • Team I Preferred

I’m going to be vague so that I don’t spoil it for anyone -it’s too early for that- so here we go.

Action: A+

The action sequences were fantastic! It really had you flinching, cringing, wincing, moaning, and hissing unanimously. It was fun when we’d all be in the theater going “Ooooooo! That left a mark!”

It has a level of grit that really got the pain across.

The fight scenes were amazing, just as the trailers foretold. And the fighting sequences flowed better than I’d imagined/prayed. Each character utilized their strengths and fighting styles to their best advantages, both in group attacks and 1-on-1 battles. The imagination placed into each set of combos made my inner gamer cry -it was so beautiful!!

On the ground, in the air, in vehicles, through impacted scenery, with tooth, nail, cannons, missiles, telekinesis, etc. etc., the fights proved spectacular overall. I was very pleased with the impact, grit, and pain levels emanating from each fight scene.

Hey, if I feel your pain, you did a good job.


Plot: B+

So the core thread of the plot stands up to logic and the subplots woven into the overall film flowed so well that I walked away thinking that this was one of the best plots I’ve seen this year (disclaimer, I don’t watch every single film that comes out, so don’t come crying about some film I haven’t seen).

The core disagreement, the Steve & Bucky bromance, actual romantic overtones, revenge- all the major triggers are slammed full force over and over. But with the numbness of seeing similar “scripts” before, there isn’t much emotional trauma aside from one section near the end.

Overall, by skimming over some of the weak areas and focusing on the overall gestures of the film, satisfaction is attainable. The weave is pretty masterful even taking the weakness into account which cements in my mind how much better Marvel is with plots/storylines than DC (after BvS, everything looks so much better…).

Plot Pet-Peeves

That being said, some of the motivations that drive the main and subplots didn’t always make sense.

And then the great rift. Stark vs. Rogers. I mean, the reason for the divide is plausible…I guess, but in the end it appears practically unnecessary. As sides are chosen, the dialogue around the disagreement made me wonder if I had suddenly shifted to watching the X-MEN. Because this seems very familiar…

Eh, this is where I wish I’d read the comic first. Surely it wasn’t this clumsy with the storyline…

The split of the Avengers is very reminiscent -in my mind- to the USA. In many respects, I felt that this was a bit of an allegory…


Characters: B+

Civil War: where everyone shows up and gets involved. And we shipped in a few from the farther reaches of the Marvel verse because, hey, we made movies for them and we’d like to weave in the origin stories into the main so that we can prep for Infinity Wars, am I right?

Yes. Everyone is there, except the ones we couldn’t lay hands on.

I was excited to see them introduce (gently) a new character who’s origin movie will come out soon (can’t WAIT). With his kick-ass suit, and serious combat skills, I look forward to being entertained in more detail in 2018.

Everyone’s emotions gets the best of them in this film. Unleash the hounds of hell indeed. The conflict pressing in on the plot pushes everyone to the edges of their principles. And this translates into finding new and deeper strands of personality in some of the secondary characters.

Character Pet-Peeve

In essence, the villain is both superbly cunning yet lackadaisical. He has the ability to do great evil, and he settles. Just settles. Which has me question whether the “villains are simple” and “villainy is in the eyes of the beholder” concepts crossed the line in order to provide some sort of philosophical lean to the story. In terms of this strange attempt to provide a strong counterbalance to the heft of heroes that overtake the film, the balance was sorely lacking on the villainy side. Unseparated and heavily inequal.

As always, the actors were solidly on point, and frankly, there isn’t much I can criticize here.

Except for Spiderman

Ahh, yes. I too groaned painfully when he showed up in the trailer. I don’t really understand why he’s in the film or how he contributes, aside from being another body in the battle, but there he is.

So, the costume snafu is broken up masterfully by showing Spidy in and out of costume just enough that my brain ignored my eyes and glazed over the CGI. He’s in the film for a good 20 minutes+ so all those fans will be pleased and tickled.

Expect massive comic relief -enough to almost remind of Deadpool aside from his characteristic clean and nerdy slant (unlike DP’s adult swim humor). The film also become greedy and mentions a certain popular film mid-combat that made the theater explode with whistles and laughter.

That’s all I’m telling ya.


Overall Rating: B+

I would have rated this higher if the film director hadn’t assumed I was a blind bat that needed the location names to be capitalized and


For the record, 60 size font expanded on the big screen would have gotten the point across that I was in a new location.
Should you watch in theater? Heck yeah, it’s pretty dope on the big screen.

Will you learn a valuable life lesson? Doubt it.

Do I regret spending extra for premiere screening? Nope.

What team did I prefer?

Team Antman (“Who are you again?”). 😛



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