What is this (over thought) Emotion?

When is a crush a crush? When is a crush not a crush.

Why think so deeply?

Just go for it.

As with many things, my mind tends to overanalyze regular, ordinary things. Like what to put in a sandwich, what the best veggie burger should taste like, and whether I should finally hydrate my poor, shriveling body (H2O is necessary, ya idiot, you’re not proving a damn thing –‘cept that you’re an idiot).

True to form, my mind -in its overactive, hyperactive state of self- will disect these feelings to death. As in, if I think about this one more time, I will pass out from hyperventilation and overcharged CPU capacity (is this even sensible?).

So, yes. First acknowledge that you have a crush, eh?

Then, accept that you have a crush -you can do it!!

Next -and this is really the hard part- go forth in directness and tactful bluntitude to see if there are corresponding feelings on that side of the Atlantic (so far awayyyyy).

Finally (critical here!) don’t poke holes in your own ship before landing at a direct conclusion/resolution.

I don’t like playing games- despise them actually. And I mean this in the direct application to relationships/people. I don’t like to do the “hints” aspect (if they do X that means that their feelings toward me are Y, therefore, I should hint back with Z).NA-Ah!, none of that bullshit.

We’re both adults. A simple yes or no will do nicely.

If no, I’ll recover.

If yes, I’ll be ecstatic.

Straightforward. No guessing games.

And proceed with confidence in a yes. Because I’m sexy and I (think I) know it…

Confidence. Proceed with confidence in a yes.

Don’t sink your own ship at the first sign of land, dock that shit at the damn harbor.

Internal pep-talks… All I need.

Yep… Cuz I’m sexy and I know it.


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