Libestered Award

Ayyyyyyy! So my silly brain reads Libestered as Lobstered. ...Don't make that mistake. "The Liebster Award - A tag/chain post that unites fans of movie blogs and movie bloggers/reviewers. The basic idea of this project/concept is that bloggers nominate other bloggers and ask them 11 questions. Nominated people have to answer those 11 questions, nominate 11 people... Continue Reading →

Gods -Only the Silent Ones

Of course we'd want the silent gods. Versus the Exodus and Genesis When the thunder of voice The strike of death, and the clear blade of reckoning Descends. Of course we'd want the silent gods Rather than the kinder Healing, forgiving and embracing Weeping, weakening -tears of blood Fall. Of course we'd want the silent gods... Continue Reading →


The sky never looked so empty. I never felt more alone. I brushed back its hair, his crystal sharp blue eyes met mine in acute astuteness. Past the facade, I saw it's savage grin feasting on my flesh. I could no longer feel my broken body steeped in the swamp where I had fallen. "Surely, if there... Continue Reading →


They expect you to come back just as you left. Soft and warm, happy and carefree. Bobby. Not Sergeant. It's unreasonable. When someone is on a battlefield for months with nerves and paranoia on high alert for years, how could anyone expect softness and smiles? It's insane. You go to places of madness and the... Continue Reading →

When Life Lemons Arrive

"When life gives you lemons..." I haven't yet created my own ending to this verbiage. A unique and clever twist of my own design still eludes me. Prior conclusions do not flow or fit. There is no clever wisdom, nor delightful humour. Just classic yet stale overtures.   If I did create my unique ending... Continue Reading →

I’m getting back up (again)

A Farce, this Control? I imagine that inside is a misty forest hemming a black door that opens to darkness. The moonlight filters from behind me, the fog sweeps into the room that exhales from the vacuum seal from years of solitude. Isolation. Wires crisscross the room, all corners spiderweb down the nexus where a figure slumps. Arms... Continue Reading →

End of Year Scholastics

Stressed by tests, failed grades -Not impressed, Dub me less than my peers, secret fears, public tears, no more cheers- Stumble back, study track -what I lack- all the skews of the fact, After all I am less, hollow guess, faulty chess, not my best, And yet wasting the funds that I bet, ready set,... Continue Reading →

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