Fog that Swirls

So many decisions, so many choices. The moment I pin one down, another one opens. How can I possibly keep up with demand?

Within these commands, I can barely focus. It’s bogus, man!

How the hell am I supposed to cope? Left me clinging to this rope that leads to nowhere, then tell me the land is full of opportunity. Nothing like you and me, now is it? Silent eyes and slammed doors, I just wanted there to be more between us than just intent and words.

Why do disasters always come in thirds? Home, work and play, that’s all they crippled, and that’s all they say. Come back, maybe never. Take my commitment and let that tie be severed. Broken pieces of my heart, Babe. Broken reasons drove us apart, Babe.

Ever seen that pun, you know the one. A play on words, is it no where? Or now here? A direct demonstration, hilarious contagion. Spaces are important, spaces define the portent of the next step. The next message of contempt. Tell me I’m not worth more, that I’m barely ranked above the shit on the floor that you kick so carelessly. Don’t come to stare at me, I don’t have the remedy for your condition.

I tried to get you to listen, but you never had the time. And I realized that on my dime, I can’t care for you. Self sacrifice is great, that much is true. But when there is no self, what then are you supposed to do?

And now I circle in this gray, with thoughts words and nothing to say. What’s left between us? Go pray to your jesus, and let me go find my own peace of mind. Piece of mine, unspoiled and clean, wash away all the filth I’ve seen.

Spin round and round, direction is pointless. The salve of lies is no ointment. It kills and destroys, even as you scream folly at the noise, it devoured us as surely as your words divided us.

Let’s get real. We are two different people, no matter how you feel. Feelings are fleeting anyway, I’d rather hold to facts and evidence. Not your tears, or angry countenance. Everyone dies someday, can’t we just treasure the moments along the way?

Would you like to borrow my glasses? I admit, it’s not fantastic, this vision of a world suffuse with gray. Not quite white, not quite black but isn’t it better to be fay? Potential is sometimes better than certainty.

Certainly. Yet with so many options, rather than an infarction, embrace the wide open world.

Where we can be anyone within the planetary swirl that keeps us fastened to the ground. Despite the fog cast around, it’s fun to explore. And find meaning in more.

Inspired by Daily Prompt – Fog


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