Coffee #16: When Squirrels and PS4s Collide

Fyi, this was supposed to go out last week. Then life happened. So here it is a week later.

This is more  of a compilation of interesting thoughts to share. You may need coffee just to get through, and it’s okay, I won’t judge you. Much. 🙂

Obese squirrels. They’re everywhere.

They scamper across the snow speckled lawn, waddling about, digging for nuts, eating and gorging. Their fluffy tails a banner behind them as they hop, hop, hop through the snow.

I admire their disregard for expanding waistlines and chunky thighs. They don’t stare at squirrel magazines and measure themselves by unreasonable standards. The squirrels don’t join the nutty gym, attend starvation diets, or chatter about their thinner days, they just eat, sleep, run, produce offspring and engage in the pursuit of more nuts.

Their slogan would truly be “Dez nuts!”

The winter fiasco confused them. Barely any snow fell, they kept hoarding and eating nuts instead of napping it off. They started going farther afield, crossing roads, bridges, and electric lines to increase their already explosive stash.

Need intersects greed.

37 carcasses. 37 dead squirrels I’ve seen and counted in, around, and to the side of the roads. Fattened cadavers to feed the vultures and coyotes. Plump tidbits.

When squirrels eat well, the rest of the food chain eats well. Share and share equally.

And thus we close the chapter on this parable of the squirrels.


It Moved Me

“When you think all is forsaken
Listen to me now (all is not forsaken)
You need never feel broken again
Sometimes darkness can show you the light”

~ The Light by Disturbed

Powerful stuff.

To me, it highlights that no matter how sucky life is, there is a way out to a better place/life point. The terrible standpoint of the present will not last forever and you’ll always learn something important from the experience. Even if it is to distrust asshole #8.

That and you should never give someone the power to make you feel less.

You are wholly and completely beautifully handsome and amazing. Don’t let anyone EVER tell you otherwise.



Fender CD 60 CE blk stock photo A
Armageddon or “Arma” (pronounced army) for short. 😀


That’s the name I’ve given to my guitar that I purchased several weeks ago. I don’t usually name items, but -eh! what the heck.

It started with one of my coworkers (and friend ->why put this in brackets? dunno…) who, in a conversation we were having on piano vs guitars, shared that he names each of his guitars (2-3) unique female names. I was like “huh, interesting. So it’s like naming your car or something…?”

But I guess with something so precious -and for musicians, their instruments are- you gotta name ’em. Which makes me wonder… am I the weird one for never naming my piano..? Interesting.

So I’m walking out of the guitar store with my new Fender (black) cutaway dreadnought (yes, I got nerdy and researched guitars to death -happens) acoustic electric made with…

Okay that’s not important. The point being, I’m lugging the guitar in it’s hard case, trying to figure out how to carry it without bruising my legs and the name Armageddon comes to mind.

I roll it around on my tongue for a few minutes… and it’s a keeper. I’m not vain enough to think that my nonexistent guitar skills will cultivate end-of-the-world musical montages, but for some reason, somehow, the name fits.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to practice C, G, A, D chords and pretend my fingers don’t feel like I’m slicing them to ribbons…

I should have chords down by…2017-ish. Stay tuned. (pun alert!)


Trying to buy Video Games

If you don’t know by now, I’m a occasional console video gamer. Occasional because when I play, I get sucked in for HOURS, which means I don’t sleep. Then I have to go to work exhausted before coming home and passing out every evening for 3 days.Then the cycle restarts.

As I’m falling more in tune with my PS4, I realize that I only have 4 games to play on it, not including Far Cry 4 which isn’t working out -okay, I HATE it. So now, I currently have 20 tabs open for comparative shopping for some PS4 games.


  • 2-3 Shooters – think Battlefield, COD, Crysis, etc.
  • 2-3 Action – think God of War, Batman Arkham Knight, etc.
  • 2 Puzzle/Mystery/etc. – um… I liked Rain…
  • 2-3 Stealth driven – think Assassins’ Creed, Thief

But I’m very picky. I like games with good content/campaign/storylines. I’m not yet into the online gaming component – only sporadic with shooter games. Plus I suck at shooters, which is why I want to play more to get better. I’m used to playing with blades and swords, not guns, so don’t judge me.

The Assassins’ Creed franchise used to be a favorite for story based, open world games until post Black Flag, so I’m looking for new, better fixes for my stealth needs. Thief is working out well, hope they make more…

So far, I’m looking into the following:

  • Bloodborne – (YES!)
  • GTA – (Never played before)
  • Batman Arkham Knight – (YES)
  • Volume? -(What the heck…)
  • COD – Black Ops 3 – (will this one be worth it?)
  • The Witness – puzzle game (Eh…)
  • Diablo 3? – (Never heard of, or played)
  • Destiny – Taken King – (Eh, it might be good)
  • Metal Gear Solid 5
  • Resogun
  • Uncharted 1-4
  • Metal Gear Solid V
  • The Last of Us
  • Dark Souls 2 (…I’ll give it a shot, I suppose)

Although, I’m not really into anime based games, I’m also giving Devil May Cry (definitive edition) a shot (the new remade one).

What I hate is that since post-college, it’s hard to find fellow gamers who can give good game references. That or I just need more/new friends. 😛

By the way, if you have played these games and have opinions on the gameplay, recommendations, or whatever, I’d love to hear it.


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