Damn this Crush!

Why does it hurt so bad?
Why does a crush
Feel like an affliction?

This is terrible.
I almost want it to stop.
But I’m a masochist.

Like a blade to my chakras
Bleeding through my day
Only when I love in this peculiar way.

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Ego Death #1 – Complete and Utter Brain Failure

Ego Death – Complete destruction of all you perceive to be “you”. Recognizing that all or a significant factor of “yourself” is false. Reevaluating “your” self or life or progress.

Inspired by Aun Aqui’s “My Sweet, Stupid Car“.

“Burning paper plane crashing” — Image by © C.J. Burton/Corbis

I must be an idiot. So fucking stupid! 

Wha..? How am I sucking so BAD?!!

But I studied all night!!! How did I….FUUUUUCK!!!

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April 23rd: National “Take a Chance” Day

Well… shit.

I was hoping that when I looked up what national day this was I’d get something like: national cherry cheesecake day, national lost-dog awareness day, national talk-like-Shakespeare day or national picnic day.

And to be far, these are other national events taking place today.

But it’s also National Take-a-Chance Day.

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Fog that Swirls

So many decisions, so many choices. The moment I pin one down, another one opens. How can I possibly keep up with demand?

Within these commands, I can barely focus. It’s bogus, man!

How the hell am I supposed to cope? Left me clinging to this rope that leads to nowhere, then tell me the land is full of opportunity. Nothing like you and me, now is it? Silent eyes and slammed doors, I just wanted there to be more between us than just intent and words.

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Coffee #16: When Squirrels and PS4s Collide

Fyi, this was supposed to go out last week. Then life happened. So here it is a week later.

This is more  of a compilation of interesting thoughts to share. You may need coffee just to get through, and it’s okay, I won’t judge you. Much. 🙂

Obese squirrels. They’re everywhere.

They scamper across the snow speckled lawn, waddling about, digging for nuts, eating and gorging. Their fluffy tails a banner behind them as they hop, hop, hop through the snow.

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A Dream from Yesterday

“A valet, of stealthy step, thence conducted me, in silence, through many dark and intricate passages in my progress to the studio of his master.”

– Edgar Allen Poe  “The Fall of the House of Usher”

I was back again.

Summer wind breathes warmth and welcome around the hustle and bustle of college students at the bus stop. I am in undergrad again and the campus remains familiar but warped. The essence remains accurate even though the layout and buildings are inaccurate/distorted, as dreams tend to do.

But I don’t care about any of that. My favorite band is playing in a matter of minutes, and I don’t want to be late.

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Hardcore Henry (2016)*


The Quick and Dirty ~(Hints for the unspoiled)

For those who don’t want spoilers (yet), here’s a quick rundown that might help end the indecision on whether you should throw down cash to see this movie.

Genre – Action and gore filled. To the max.

Is it really like a 1st person video game?

Yes, you will be constantly reminded of this. Hint, be prepared for numerous floor/ground/staring down shots.

Is there substantial plot?

No, this is purely an action film. See Genre for plot details –Hint, very thin plot, with a watery, washed out “twist” that’s almost laughable in its existence.

Will watching this make me a better person?

Probably not.It did feed my sarcastic side with its infrequent spots of black humor, but there is no room for naievity here. It is bloody, it is gory, and it is morbidly sadistic at times.

Should my children watch this?

Only if they’ve grown used to playing Call of Duty/any shooter game with real blood. Side Effect: this film will further enhance their delusions regarding main character’s invincibility.

Second side effect – You will be a cool, but messed up parent. Never tell anyone you’ve taken your <18 yr old children to this film, child services will break down your door and cart them away if they ever got wind.

What are some “similar” films that can help give frame of reference?

The Bourne series comes to mind.

Enough hinting? Alright, let’s get on with the real spoilers of this film.

*Possible Spoilers Below

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Identity #9 ~Life goes On

Everyone down on the floor.
No sudden moves, and lock the door.
I’ve got this feeling I’m chasing.
I’ll never rest, until I find it.

But I’ve been plotting away, in my heart everyday;
To put this plan into action.
And though I tried to resist, I find the thing is this;
Until I get it there is no satisfaction!!!

 -“Evil (A Chorus of Resistance)by Project 86 

#1: There is no plan

Accept it.

The future stretches out into the unlimited finite with all the dark vaguity that it warrants. I see now, why many pour money into finding their future through signs, cards, palms, words, promises. Continue reading Identity #9 ~Life goes On