So, What’s The Point?

In my old life, I remember that there used to be numerous conversation about a guy at church. He’d gone to law school, and had done pretty well. But he just couldn’t pass the bar exam. He took it over, and over, and failed every time. He’d taken it 10 times at that point and, of course, no one had any positive expectations the 11th time he tried. And true to likelihood, he failed that time too.

He was an adult, I was still a teenager, realizing how shitty life is. And he became a living breathing example of the horror I’ve always dreaded.

Invest yourself. Spend all your time and energy on your goals and career. And continue to fail. All that work and effort to be nothing.

What god? Where? Invest so much faith and prayer, even as the world burns to ashes. Call me a heretic, but I’d rather grab a fire extinguisher than get on my knees.

Pointless. It’s all so pointless. I read a quote recently that said if people spent more time making the current existence more pleasant, they wouldn’t treat earth like a disposable life and they wouldn’t need to aspire for heaven. Make this life more like heaven, and there would be no need for escapism.

Must be great, being removed from it all. Separate from the filth, gilded in gold. Rich get richer. Poor have more children, hoping that diversification of their portfolio will result in one winner. Typical horse race mentality.

Keep betting. You support the winners, and the house always wins. The game is stacked, you get punished for being creative, and the cheaters always walk away with full pockets. Envy kills, my brother.

The old tools are broken. Social justice is a hollow intonement of the silent and hoarse throated prophets whispering for change. But all they really want is spare change. Spare me your great change, just do it already. Will you ever get around to doing it?

A generation waiting for the next generation to do something, even as the genetic laziness smothers even infantile gestures. Nothing but intensive weariness, waiting for the final swipe of the scythe. A race to what kills first, Mother Nature or ourselves, because we don’t care anymore. All we want, is one more. One more dollar.

Since when did dollars outweigh lives? Since the moment humans could be traded for coins, land, and prestige. But why lament what was, when all that remains is now.

Present? I’d rather more presents under the tree. More stuff, drown me now. I was told I need stuff. So I get stuff. More stuff. Stuff gnaws at my wallet more voraciously than acid in an empty stomach. What a life.

What a way to die. Try taking stuff with you then. So many scams, and not even the Pharaohs could take their stuff with them. Nothing, not even banks, are secure, so sell me more security. A false sense of safety. Pay for yet another illusion.

Accrue. Disseminate. Equilibrium.

Why pine for nothing?

Because the message is to be something. Burn the kindling that was your soul. Even ghosts have a heart. But heart doesn’t put food on the table.

The real fear is to be nothing. Yet, in the end, isn’t that what we become? Dust, bones, dirt, decay. Why fear the inevitable?

Not that we should running prematurely to the end, but rather value the present. For all its eccentricities, now is something. Time you spend is valuable, and spending it with loved ones is the way to amass a fortune. Because nothing carves deeper into memory and legacy more than love.

Time is the ultimate currency. Spend it wisely.

What’s the point? Life is the point, love is the point. What value are pieces of paper in comparison?

4 thoughts on “So, What’s The Point?”

  1. I love this article especially because I can relate to every single point you made from trying to break into a career field , to constant worry of failure and to wondering in the end how it really affects my whole existence. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. Hey bronzevoices, thanks for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed and found deeper meaning in my words. I ended up typing viciously into my phone during a bus ride, and this whole thought of the meaning of life was weighing on my mind. Especially since I often feel poised on the cusp of decisions and opportunities, so many open doors, and yet…that darkness in the doorways remains equal.

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