Buses reflect Society

The state of society.

Let population = society
Let sample = bus

My hypothesis is that behaviors visible in society are sampled within buses. To wit, a bus can be an isolation of the whole and still emanate the behavior of the whole albeit, on a smaller scale.

  1. Personal Space
  2. Courtesy 
  3. Social Tics

3 Key factors of interest for my focus on how a sample of society is reflected within a bus.

Personal Space

Accept that there is none.

The more that people cram in, the less personal space there is. Space is a privilege, fluctuating with the demand for supply. You enjoy it when you have it, but you don’t always have the luxury.

And yet, people will be selfish.

With this understanding, please bathe/clean!

Le odour isn’t desirable.


People don’t like the back of the bus – granted, there was much controversy about the right to stand/sit wherever BUT this does not apply when there are 40 people at the 4th to last bus stop. At that point, accommodation is all that matters. Because, ideally, everyone gets to go work (or home) that day. And half don’t get left behind because some entitled prick decides to stand at the front and prevent others from filling up all the seats and standing area possible. Obnoxious, I say!

People don’t like to move – you heard me, people seem to love the immovable statue routine. See above. Also, since elderly/handicapped are supposed to have the front seats, why do healthy bodied individuals insist on taking up all the front seats, and force poor Mrs. Abernathy (not an actual person) to shuffle slowly to the back. I mean, come on! Be nice to the elderly!

Social Tics

  • Screams into the phone? Check.
  • Inconsolable children with high decibel shrieks. Check.
  • Body odor in tight quarters. Check

Privacy is simply a dream in these conditions. More than likely, you’ll know more about that person’s life than you ever thought possible through their only phone conversation in your presence.

Quite overwhelming, the information you could gather under such conditions.

And, there’s the noise. The chatter of teenagers, the gossip of elders, the wails of children, the curses of the bus driver, bleeping phones, blaring music, and the list goes on.

With a subset of the population onboard, you harbor a subset of the world’s problems. It’s par-de-course.

All that can be done is mitigate. I wear headphones to block it all out, but always keep an ear out just in case something -or someone- goes strangely ary.

The point of this is?

I can’t wait to get a car. 🙂

I may have led you on with the intro, but after plucking away at this for months, I’m hastily wrapping up my presentation with this off-beat conclusion.

People wear themselves wherever they go.They only change it when there are under the spotlight or trying to impress, two things that don’t usually happen on a bus. The best and the worst of behavior is visible. The prick acts like a prick, the angel acts considerate, and the antihero doesn’t give two shits so long as there is a seat with their name on it.

Life goes on. Busses run.

All that can be done is mitigate the damage and try to be part of the solution, even when you may be the only one.

So, Mrs. Abernathy get’s my seat all the time, even when I’m lugging 50+ lbs of groceries home. Because it’s the right thing to do. I get the additional perk of stronger arms, so there’s no loss here, lol.

Dear subset of the population. Let us try to do better.






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