Feeling restless

I can travel the world
With one flip of the page,
Egypt, Alaska, China,
Black sites, prisons, military bases.

I can be someone else
With one swipe of the screen;
Intelligence, geek, fashionisto,
MI5, detective, serial killer.

I can possess everything
With one crinkle of gloss;
Super-powers, magic, technology
Were*,  vamp, swordsman, antihero.

I can experience loss and grief
With one fold of the scroll;
Destruction, chaos, order
Restraint, defiance, evolution.

I can see the world
Through the lens of the plot;
Religious, atheistic, polytheistic
Nihilism, despair, suffering, death.

I can hear the sounds of a million voices
With one smear of my fingertips,
Mobs, riots, war, mass murder
Eras, generations, dynasties, eons.

I can lose myself in a thousand thoughts
Within the whisper of leafed edicts;
Philosophy, psychology, theology
Manic, diaries, analogies, allegories.

The entire world is within my grasp
As I drag my fingers against the spines
Books, libraries, encyclopedias,
Mysteries, rules, laws, dreams, infinity

How can I possibly encompass
All the knowledge in the world?
There are so many books printed
So many on the way, in conception, on the printing press.

Father time, mother printing press,
Slow the clock and bring comfy cushions;
For all the books and written knowledge in accumulation
Could create physical galaxies of their own.

An avid reader ever since I could…read, books would take me to all corners of the world. India, Arabia, Paris, New Orleans, Texas, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Antarctica, Argentina, Thailand, all revealed through paper and ink.



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