Coffee #14: Celebrating Milestones – Pt 2

Last week, I talked about my recent veer into minimalistic living. How I went (and still am going) through my closet to reduce the number of items I possess.

How did this all get started?

Ahem. “It started with a dream…” ~*MLK Jr voice

Milestone 2: I have a dream

This all started when I was watching Tiny House Nation (2014) a few weeks ago -January to be exact.

Ever had that feeling, like fingers were squeezing the blood from your heart -but in a good way?

I felt that.

Let me back up -I NEVER in my life thought I would own a house. I thought, and still think that houses are a waste of space. Too big.

I always told friends and family that I’d prefer having a studio apartment, or a 1 floor Japanese style house. Something small, compact.

And then, I saw Tiny Houses for the first time.


Hooked, completely.

I started drawing blueprints -not to scale of course. But I started designing, planning, creating, drawing, sketching, every square inch. Then researching how to build it, how to structure it. Lofts or no lofts?

And not just any Tiny House, a mobile one. I wouldn’t have to rent -ever again! I could travel the continent. Potentially the world, if I pay shipping costs, lol.

Can you imagine? The independence, the freedom. I would never be tied down by rising rent costs or the need to find somewhere to live every year. I wouldn’t need or have roommates (unless I find someone special *waggles eyebrows). I could potentially build it to be “off the grid” and rely on natural dispersed resources for utilities -which would cut costs and bills immensely.

With so little, I can do so much.

All I need is the following:

  1. Architect: Finalize design, design blueprint, flesh out and account for every idea per square inch.
  2. Purchase the trailer bed and prep for foundation/building +materials + labor
  3. Carpenters/Contractors: Build the damn thing
  4. Designer/Innovation: help make custom pieces, bring my ideas to life, and bring new ideas to coincide with my goals.
  5.  Buy a Truck to haul it
  6. Learn to drive it: Get trailer license – which is different from car licence.
  7. GTFO – Get the fuck out.

Solid. So, I just have to get through each step successfully. Plus, scrape cash together. Yay!!!.

Whatev. Small steps.

Goal in next 5 years: get this dream into reality.


So, I can teach myself how to be an architect, touch base with people who know and can help/teach me. I don’t mind trading my financial/economic/strategic organizational skills for architect skills. We can barter!

I am physically capable of learning to be a carpenter (with some degree of competency. I wouldn’t necessarily quit my day job tho…leave of absence?). I definitely want to be involved in the process and learn how it’s done. Maybe practice on someone else’s house with heavy supervision so I don’t fuck it up.

As a apprentice electrician, I’d love to learn how to optimize locations for plugs. Ever been in a place and you have insufficient plugs in the weirdest places? Yeah, not in my dream house!

Can I install bathroom tile? How hard can it be with some demo? And after kidnapping a Lowes employee? -Okay, I won’t really kidnap anyone (I have a sneaking suspicion they’d try to sell me stuff the longer I kept them in captivity) but I can ask to be taught, right?

The core of this is proper planning. Then excellent execution.

Then, try not to do anything dangerous when hauling it with a truck when driving for the first time (how much do lessons cost? Is there drivers-ed courses for that grade/level of license?).

So much I still have to learn…


Milestone 3: A lighter, happier me

Diet 2016 -Weight-wise, I’ve lost the weight equivalent to a 3 year old in a month and a half. Feels great.

It’s purely dietary adjustment, so I’ve been fortunate thus far. I have been craving veggie burgers like nobodies business. But it will taste that much more delicious when I’ve reached my goal weight.

In like 2017 (I kid, I kid!).

With this process comes its own frustration. I’m impatient, I want to get –>there NOW.

But I won’t. It will take time. Better habits to build and stuff.


Here’s to smaller footprints. Literally.


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