Coffee #13: Celebrating Milestones – Pt 1


I want to remember and celebrate my progress thus far.

Internal dialogue says “what? you again?”

Yes. Suck it, inner dialogue.

…Indulge me.

Milestone 1 – Less is More

I’m approaching minimalism. The path to enlightenment.

No, really. My parents are hoarders (practically), a consequence of being part of the Baby Boomer/Generation X. I am told that these generations incur a symptomatic fear of loss.

That has trickled into my psyche in more ways than one. I’m still going through all my stuff, stuff from when I was a child that’s still hanging around two households since the time I’ve moved away from the parental nest.

That’s changing.

I feel…crushed beneath the weight of my possessions. And I don’t get crushed, I crush.

Hulk smash (had to, believe me).

I’ve, thus far, gotten rid of about… 11-15 garbage bags of clothes alone. It was surprisingly easy.



Step 1: If you haven’t worn it in the past 3-6 months, give it away.

This may not apply for seasonal clothing, so you can either cycle through those when season is in, or do what I did.

Work from the clothes you avoid wearing, but keep around. That god-awful sweater you skip in the winter. That 5th coat you never seem to wear. Do you really need 10 boots? Did you actually wear all 20 sandals last summer? No? Then donate.

I donate all my clothes, shoes, etc. in good condition to family in the 3rd world. We support each other, and this is some ways that I do my part. I have some great quality clothes that I never really worn, my cousins will like it.

Besides, they show me a good time when I visit. It’s a good trade. 🙂


Step 2: Did you even like it?

For some reason, I have/had a shit ton of clothes that my Mom likes, but I didn’t. You know, during that “Mom dresses you” stage of life. Shit I was too spineless to say “I hate that” or “I wouldn’t be caught D-E-A-D wearing that”.

So, immediately, all the skirts went bye-bye. Well, all but four. Formal-wear emergency until I get a suit -and 4 ties. And a waist coat. 😀

For that -emergency- reason, I have saved 2 dresses… or did I give those away already? Lemme check real quick.

Nope, they’re gone. Which is good, cuz I was gonna find another garbage bag for them  for donating right now.

For me, I immediately ditched all pink, or pink tinted clothing. Then all clothes with flowers. Then all feminine tops, pants, etc. Lots to get rid of there. And socks. Those stretched out socks that don’t stay on the feet anymore. Old undergarments that should be thrown away… not donated. Also, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, pants, jackets, coats (still going through these), shoes (in progress).

It gets bigger.

Towels, wash-clothes, bedding, office supplies, school supplies, old notes, religious books I don’t care about/don’t want/don’t need/can’t wait to burn. Pens that don’t work, odds and ends that don’t do anything at all, shit I don’t use/need and haven’t done so since… many years ago.

If I don’t miss it, more than likely, I don’t need it.


Step 3: Comb through again. Be honest, you never wore that.

The tougher part. Second comb through.

That shirt you cut slack on for old memory’s sake? Take a picture and give it away. The memory is always there, the shirt…you don’t need that.

So bye-bye 20+ college t-shirts. Because branding doesn’t equal memories. Good bye shirt I would fit some day in the future, maybe never.

Be ruthless. Take photos, maaaybe repurpose, but I don’t recommend this, since this encourages keeping stuff. Which we don’t want to do.


So, goodbye purple lace and hello plaid briefs. Black.

Shaken, not stirred?

Shut up inner dialogue.

Then ditch all items I secretly hated without realizing/noticing it. You’d be surprised how much that turned out to be.

Still To Do:

  • Coats – sort and donate
  • Shoes – sort and donate
  • Stuff at Parent’s House – pending sort and donate…


Why the big cleanup? What started this? Hang on, I’ll explain in Milestone 2.

Next week…


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