Me & Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Movie

After succumbing to peer pressure, I’ve finally seen the latest Star Wars film.

Aaannnd it was a trip.

This will be brief, as I’m still digesting.

Female MC:

I liked her. For a change, female character wasn’t pathetic. Naive, yes, but not cringe worthy.

Minority MC:

Interesting. He didn’t die in the first 5 min.

Plot & Logistics:

I haven’t really watched the other ones, so this was pretty cool. The plot wasn’t laborious or obscure. Cool specs, LOVED the lighting, the graphics, the… visual eye candy. It was beautiful to watch. Additionally, I loved the costume design- on point.

Granted, I enjoyed the plot second and the logistics primarily.

Then there were a bunch of nods to characters and situations that frankly went right past me. I’m fine with that.

Google + Star Wars =

Been dying to talk about this…

Has anyone seen this cool Google experience regarding the recent Star Wars movie. Cool immersion aspect, if anyone has checked it out, it’s been really great with adding little details to demonstrate the theme throughout the programs Google offers. It also carries over into all the google apps in very interesting ways.

I’ve lost time in this…

Too bad, this ended in January…


As for me…

Dark side has cooler costumes.

In the end:

I loved the movie, aesthetically, and this was a blessed break from normal life. I’m glad I spent the money to watch it big screen.


Today, Star Wars, tomorrow… DEADPOOL!!!

Not even kidding.

I’m going back to the theater tomorrow, straight away.


3 thoughts on “Me & Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

    1. I’ve heard all sorts of reactions. If you’ve seen the other films in this series, you may enjoy it. If not, it’s a nice intro to the concepts and series. 🙂


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