Coffee #12: This is why we write sh*t down

“This.  World is on FI-YA”

If we were drinking coffee together…

I’d probably be ranting and raving about the state of life. You might roll your eyes as I vent about the strange and terrible world we live in, that death is widespread and refugees have no refugee. That ISIS isn’t just a fun name from Archer (which they did change, fyi) or from Egyptian mythology. That bombs are still strapped to children, that war is fought against concepts and fear -intangible threats we neither see nor can seize, so how then can we claim victory? You may stop pretending that you aren’t staring at your watch as I gripe over the fact that the world doesn’t care -that we’d rather kill, destroy, extinct, decimate, and burn it all down around us because… it doesn’t matter, there’s another planet just like Earth that we can fuck up after this!

If we were drinking coffee together…

I would say thanks for sticking around. That I cherish our time in this moment, because every second is precious. That we can’t live life to the fullest in every second, but in those moments that we can, it is amazing.


If we were drinking coffee together…

I’d be sharing how mad I am that I haven’t set aside time for myself to see Star Wars (2016) yet. Ya’d think I’d be raring to cut responsibilities and splurge on me, but apparently I still put others before my own joy and happiness- which isn’t bad! But there must be times that self is #1.


If we were drinking coffee together…

I’d never shut up about the fact that Deadpool(2016) is coming to my theater THIS WEEK!!!! SO PSYCHED!!!

Sorry, just very excited… Deadpool is one of my favorite anti-heroes, plus his sense of humor hits my sweet spot and my funny bone all at once. So, I’m not going to waste time spending my theater coupon and lining up asap.

Just try and stop me!!


If we were drinking coffee together…

Well, I’d be complaining how exhausting performance evaluations are- the bonus and the stipend increase hang in the balance and you must brag about yourself…?

Yeah, I don’t get it. Hope they enjoy reading, cuz there was a lot of work that I did and then wrote down in this evaluation of myself at work and the work self productivity, efficiency, ecstasy.


If we were drinking coffee together…

I’d be sharing my amazement that Mercy by Kanye West is STILL circling in my head. I think it’s the bass- it’s absolutely wicked in this song. I even found the instrumental track sans words and started listening to it over and over -because I don’t really care for the lyrics, it’s the instrumental I’m obsessed with.

Sorry Kanye.


If we were drinking coffee together…

I’d be excited to share that I’m making music again – 3 tracks pending. Yay!!

Also, I got an interesting story idea for a novel -I find that the phrase “if no one writes it, write the story you want to read” can be selfish yet strongly motivating. 🙂

Unlike a typical romance, I’m contemplating MMF ->MM. A new one, since I don’t like romance. Which leads to -it’s not going to be very romantic.

Yeah, go figure.


If we were drinking coffee together…

I’d share that I feel that I’m adrift in space, surrounded by stars, connected to my spaceship like an umbilical cord seeking oxygen. Not in a bad way, just peculiarly. Quaintly noticing that I’m all alone. And being in turns peacefully resolved, and frustratedly angry about it.

No one needs to drift alone. No one should drift alone.

So I call a friend.

And hope they pick up the phone.

Hello, is this ground control?


If we were drinking coffee together…

I’d share that my new business idea for matching people to their ideal cuddle buddy might make money so long as the cuddling stayed platonic.


If we were drinking coffee together…

I’d scream “PSYCH!!”

I was drinking tea alllllll along (*voiced by the Delightful Children from Kids Next Door).



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