Coffee #14: Celebrating Milestones – Pt 2

Last week, I talked about my recent veer into minimalistic living. How I went (and still am going) through my closet to reduce the number of items I possess. How did this all get started? Ahem. "It started with a dream..." ~*MLK Jr voice Milestone 2: I have a dream This all started when I... Continue Reading →

Grow: up / a pair

Part 1 It's realizing that you have to use the masks. Use the masks but Don't let them deceive you -when others wear them, When you wear them. Don't lie to yourself, don't let them lie To you. It's funny, You spent a life wearing a mask To protect yourself. Then you strove for honesty, A trait... Continue Reading →

Coffee #13: Celebrating Milestones – Pt 1

Hello. I want to remember and celebrate my progress thus far. Internal dialogue says "what? you again?" Yes. Suck it, inner dialogue. ...Indulge me. Milestone 1 - Less is More I'm approaching minimalism. The path to enlightenment. No, really. My parents are hoarders (practically), a consequence of being part of the Baby Boomer/Generation X. I... Continue Reading →


I'm tired of being the same thing to the same people. Why do I need to need people? I have no answers. Just more questions No joy being Self. Confusion Delusion Take the blindfold Away. Enough. Is it possible to be Beyond human With its infinite Fallacy? I would love to Transcend Beyond stupidity And ignorance. Is... Continue Reading →


Love is a rose, Innocent they say; Ignorant, pure, And snatched away. Cupid’s bowstring, Twangs its song of doom; As love blossoms, Dispelling harsh gloom. Oh, dizzy heights, Melancholy monsoon; Cool, wafting breeze, Smothering perfume. Key in the lock, Shocking perfection; Ever yielding, Lovely correction. But flowers fade, That love we cherish; Begins to die,... Continue Reading →

Am I dead?

In 12th grade, I was invited to my friend, "Lian's" birthday party. It was scheduled for the weekend, started in the afternoon, and ran on into the evening. His house sits in the midst of the woods. It reminds me of home. I enjoy the fun and activities, exploring a new house. I remember my friend's... Continue Reading →

Me & Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Movie After succumbing to peer pressure, I've finally seen the latest Star Wars film. Aaannnd it was a trip. This will be brief, as I'm still digesting. Female MC: I liked her. For a change, female character wasn't pathetic. Naive, yes, but not cringe worthy. Minority MC: Interesting. He didn't die in the first... Continue Reading →

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