I just want space,
To dispense
With labels
And judgment and triggers

Can we just
With language

Can we just
Let our actions
Lend credence
To intention?

Like the deaf
Use our hands
And body
Be the dialogue.

You want your space
And I want mine
To be silent
And still.

Venn diagrams
Overlap our

I just want
Space for me
To just be
Free, untethered.

No guilt
No critique
Just bamboo
And me.

And you?
Would you like
Some quiet
And peace from the clamor?

2 thoughts on “Space”

    1. Thanks blackcherriess, I do agree. Lately, I find myself talking so much i wish I had a valve to turn it off. Words do take up physicality, more than you’d think… I crave the moments of the unspoken.


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