weight-413404_640Inspired by all the thoughts and resolutions for becoming more healthy and less heavy in 2016.

Crazy week, so this comes out now instead of Wed. Gomenasai
(‘Sorry’ ~Japanese)!!

Weight isn’t always
A bad thing.
There is the weight of
A baby in your arms.

The weight of
A lover, sprawled
Over you.

A pile of blankets
On a weekend
Not having to move.

Weight isn’t always
A good thing.
There is the weight of
Strangling guilt within.

The weight of
Betrayal, stifled
Crushing you.

Suffocating rolls
Handfuls of fat
Unable to move

Then again,
Weight is really gravity…




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I am artist, analyst, author, poet, composer, musician to name a few aspects of myself. A bit of a jack of trades, I dabble into many fields that encourage the blossom of imagination and allow me to channel my creativity. I dream vividly and view the world through the lens of optimism and opportunity while acknowledging the ink and shadows.

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