It’s in all of us.

A retrovirus, we are all infected by it. It lingers, festers, blossoms. No angel is immune.

I hate it. I HATE IT!

Cruelty is learned, passed on from generation to generation. Some imprint it into the bones of their offspring, others pour poison into their ears, and tattoo it into their souls. A single encounter taints for eternity.

Fatal contact.

And yet, unescapable.

There seems to be, no complete or global cure.


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I am artist, analyst, author, poet, composer, musician to name a few aspects of myself. A bit of a jack of trades, I dabble into many fields that encourage the blossom of imagination and allow me to channel my creativity. I dream vividly and view the world through the lens of optimism and opportunity while acknowledging the ink and shadows.

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