Blacklist(2013): My Penance

Rant in: words ≤200

As I binged through season 2 and season 3 (holidays!), I contemplate how Elizabeth Keen exists solely to test my patience.

Blacklist(2013): simultaneous heaven and hell.

Heaven, because Raymond Reddington ~JAMES SPADER!

LOVE all his shows: have seen and ❤ his films. I immensely enjoy Spader’s quirky personality and satirical acting style. His dry wit, imperviously sarcastic attitude, and his vicious streaks hit all my sweet spots.

Conversely, Elizabeth Keen continues to be a character from my personal hell.

Supposedly FBI, how is Keen this clueless and intentionally stupid?

Keen’s every decision is suspect, driven from emotional foundation which drives her to reaction, rather than efficient action from a position of intelligence or forethought. Instead of thinking things through, she tends to be short sighted, focus only on what’s in front of her.

Checkers vs. chess.

She allows her emotions to influence critical decisions, and she can be selfish at the most inopportune times. The continuous whiplash between milking Raymond Reddington for information pertinent to her job and for knowledge about her past is only exacerbated by her reactions to the truth, the lies, and her vocalized desire for the inverse with the randomized inconsistency of a roulette table.


5 thoughts on “Blacklist(2013): My Penance”

  1. Blacklist is one of my favorites. Season One set the plot as far as Eliizabeth Keen, her relationship with Tom Keen, and her Dad, Reddington. The plot is pretty convuluted, so far, but now that her old parttner has captured her, I expect her situatiion will improve. I hope so.

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    1. Hi Gradmama2011, thanks for your comment. I’m very interested to see how her situation develops. Are you at season 4? It’s the craziest by far and I can’t wait to see how this is resolved. 🙂


      1. im glad Ressler is finally on Liz’s side..he has been. in love with her all along but I dont think she knows that. That show is so complicated its hard to know what is going on. 🙂


      2. No, I don’t watch Quantico, it has a bit too much drama for me. But I do like Damages, House of Cards, and Unforgettable for my political/police driven drama tv shows. Blacklist stars by far. 🙂


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