Rant in words <200

As I watched Newsroom(2012) over my roommate’s shoulder, it suddenly occurred to me that news channels/people/hosts are nothing more than talking parrots.

No offense meant to parrots.

Feed them lines, they spit them back out, mindlessly, without thought or care aside from ratings, numbers, time slots.

Nothing original. Preprocessed, canned, and recycled.

The purpose of news isn’t to disseminate valid and verified information anymore. It’s to sensationalize, to promote rates and maximize time slot occupancy in hopes of getting a better/the optimum one.

  • Fuck the consumers, let’s tell them what we decide they should hear.
  • Fuck the truth, let’s tell them what our opinions are and call it fact.
  • Fuck reality, let’s up the hype, spread the fear, terrorize.

As Samuel L. Jackson’s character aptly states in The Other Guys(2010): “If we want to hear you talk I would shove my arm up your ass and work your mouth like a puppet.”

The best news is history. Cuz it keeps happening over and over and over.

Hey, just… just do me one solid.

If I ask for news, just give me




supported facts.



Is that so much to ask for?




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