Remember those first
Tears making a public
Appearance, what was the
Response? Thoughts? Emotions?

Has anyone ever thought that
Public tears outside of
Mortuary mourning was

Underneath the reason
The sadness, what thoughts
Whispered in the background
As the release occurred?

With all of our knowledge
And supposed sensitivities
One would imagine
That we’ve progressed in understanding.

That society would accept reality
And make room for developed
Norms, rather than compress
And conform to odd and strange expectations.

And yet, we look at tears
Call them weakness;
Cue embarrassment, shame,

They trigger mockery,
Genderfied slander;
Something to quit, to stop
Flawed shortcoming.

It takes more strength to
Cry in public than it does
To laugh, even though
Each are equal opportunists.

Tears don’t mean you’re weak
And dry eyes doesn’t immediately
Imply callousness,
Judgment unnecessary.

Yet we make more of a
Fuss over weeping world
Leaders, and never address
Why we don’t cry anymore.

Has society become so
Monotoned? We force
Comedy and stop
Tears, unfazed by brutality.

I wonder sometimes
Where are we going?
Is Equilibrium(2002) less of a fiction
And more a pending reality?

Will we step beyond
The cowardice and accept
That we are living, breathing,
Feeling humans?

How about that?


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