Coffee #7: Resolutions? Convolutions

The word of the year? Discipline

I don’t do new year’s resolutions. I do new year words.

This is going to be short. I need sleep so badly my head’s splitting, and I’ve got work tomorrow. Can I just lean on your shoulder?

Thanks, that does help.

So yeah, discipline. It encaptures all the aspects I’ve been AVOIDING the last few years. Like control, self control, muscle control, any control really.

Can’t be a kite on the breeze forever. Someone has to take the wheel, and Jesus didn’t show up for work today. So that person’s gotta be me.

Discipline, also means to take care of one’s self and avoid excess.

Yay *sarcasm. But I like excess!

Something else I’m leaving in 2015 apparently.

So, I’m giving up hot chocolate and replacing it with tea. No milk. Just…stevia (Gah!).

You can still drink your coffee, I’ll try not to jump you for it. I promise! Best behavior! Scouts honor!

No! You can’t leave! You’re my pillow!!!

Where was I? Right, new year.

New year, new word, new diet ~hence the control.

Excess is a bitch. It’s all nice at first, then before you know it, none of your clothes fit. Sizes go down, not up, so restrictions (another cousin to discipline) are in order.

See, I’m already off to a good start.

*Sniff, sniff.

Is that…. a mocha?

Join me next week Sunday to see how this “discipline” thing works out.


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