I am at your disposal

He said.

I smiled.  And then I wondered: what exactly does that mean?

  • Use me, then lose me
  • Discard at your convenience?

Can you imagine? Being discarded, disposed of? Like soiled toilet paper, or people who know too much.

The number for disposal is 86. As in “Eighty-six that”.

It’s hard not to have a selfish take. There is that little part of me that wants to use this as a rant against all the people and places and times where I felt discarded, eighty-sixed.

RU486. Are you for 86?

I hope not.

I hope we as a people have progressed beyond use and careless removal of each other. Of dubbing insignificant the neighbor, the forsaken.

I’d hope we’d learned to be better than that.

And that “at your disposal” will mean, “contact me at any time. I’ll always be here for you”. And not “ready to toss insignificant away”.

I replied.


2 thoughts on “I am at your disposal”

  1. i never like this phrase to be honest :/ i would rather someone tell me “i’m happy to assist if you need any help” or something that goes along that line. happy new year to you and your loved ones ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi blackcherriess!! I completely agree, the phrasing is more negative to my ears than positive. Say what you mean and mean what you say, right?

      I wish you an amazing new year, better and more fruitful than the last, for you and your loved ones. <3<3

      Warmly, Opalflame


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