It Began With a Kiss

It began with a kiss, so
Wet and cool as she pressed her lips to
Mine. Gliding over my face and caressing.
Hesitant retreat to resurge in spontaneity
And those soft hands…

We dance slowly, sprawled among each
Other, quickly caught up in the moment,
Slipping, sliding, seems like we’re dying.
Divesting, transcending the need for lengths of
Cotton and silk, diving into the whirlpool of
Passion and lust, locked in a mutual embrace
We tumble and stumble down to the ground.

Her satin strands entwine about me
As the waves crest, she drags me down with
Her, deeply ensnared within the depths;
Her endowment, her gift she offers
On the tips of her stimulating fingers.

Her irresistible charm caught me
And taught me and she caused me to
Gasp. Breathlessly, the bubbles of our
Pleasure ascend, not as words but as
Murmurs and pleas.

The scent of her mist surrounds me
On all sides, could not, would not escape
Even if I try. Her hands are everywhere
Mapping and exploring every surface
And sculpting every shape and texture.

She drives me mad with dizzying
Frequency, I feel tumbled as I stumble
To my feet, she drags me down again
Clasping my face in her hands;
They retreat, invite…

Irresistible, insatiable, she drinks my breath
Away, milking me of every last molecule
Of life. I finally close my eyes and tear away
Most painfully, it is madness, it is death, it is…
La petite mort, in her arms
She lulls me, consoling as I sink.

My body floats away as the quondam
Senses drift away; quandary delights tease and stimulate
Relaxing finally in her chilling embrace. Regretfully
Departing from her bosom to break the surface
Bursting anew, reborn.

I open my eyes again to view
Paradise in my vision, I turn back
And behold the endless reaches of saline
Expanse, I wave goodbye to my lover;
Her waves glitter with sunlight diamonds.

I leave the ocean’s seductive call
To collect the litter I had brought, and then I drive home
Turning my back on the sea.
Maybe I will stay,
Next year…



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