“They call me Superman/ I’m here to rescue you” ~ Eminem Superman

I wanted to save
You. Wanted to step
Between the crippling gale
And your fragility.

I wanted to hold you
And say that it will be
Better, I would move
The world itself to make it

So. I tried to say that I
Would stand beside you always
And, just support you
No questions asked.

I promised to keep you
Safe, to maintain your
Stability and to keep

I swept my cape beneath your
Feet, I would carry you
Beyond your trials
And deposit you to security.

You don’t know what I’d
Do, to keep you together
Even as you tear yourself
Apart, please…don’t.

There is so much within you
Such beauty and character
Of kindness that moves me
To tears, and wrings my heart

Dry. I watch you destroy yourself,
Self-flagellation, the brushfire that
Destroys delicate petals, and
Strips it to the raw essences.

What if I shared that every
Strike you carved into your skin
Scarred my back, What if I said
That every brutality inflicted on you

Bruised my muscles and skin.
When will you realise that
Hurting yourself, hurts me more
And yet you would return.

And yet you would go back to him,
And allow him to dissect you
And reject you, to destroy
You with all your permission.

How can I save you
When you won’t save yourself?
How can I nurture you
If you won’t keep yourself precious?

Will I just become another
One of your knights?
Doomed to destroy myself
In futility?

Will I just become another
One of your victims?
Dead by proxy
Of you?

Based on:  Legend (2015)  character Francis Shea's brother.

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