Holidays…. *shrug

christmas-bauble-15738_1920.jpgSo I’ve hinted at this in older posts, but I don’t really celebrate the holidays. I don’t have anything against the holidays, or people who celebrate, but for me it’s just another day off.

But anyway, here’s a rundown of my pros and cons regarding the current holidays.

What I like about the holidays

  • Sales

Yup, the best time to buy shit is the holidays. I wouldn’t have half of the videogames I own without the holidays. Or any of the gaming systems.

Ironically, I haven’t been able to play a lot of video games before, but now that I have time, I’ve been playing with a vengeance.

Games and tech. That’s my ish!

  • Everybody leaves

It gets GLORIOUSLY quiet. With everyone gone, it’s easier to shop, easier to travel, less bodies in the area.

Wonderful stuff.

It’s like Fallout 4, there’s still people around, but not that many. The bonus… is they aren’t trying to kill you.

What I dislike about the holidays

  • Holiday movies

The profusion of rom-coms that are serial played this time of year are quite ridiculous. Even from a realistic standpoint, I highly doubt that every man, woman, and child are falling in love at such a high frequency at any particular time of year.

It annoys me.

  • Holiday Expectations

An excellent time to fuss over what religion takes precedence, or whether secular views are “stealing” the “true meaning” of Xmas or whatever.

I have some retorts on this:

  1. Christians don’t have proof that christ was born in December- so give it a rest!
  2. Xmas is based on a pagan holiday going back to Roman Empire. So, sorry, the secularists got the holiday first.
  3. What’s with the hijacking of holidays anyway? There should be plenty to go around.
  4.  Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom of oppression. So f**cking lay off Starbucks!

When sharing this holiday with a variety of religions and non religious people, charity is important.  So instead of bickering and bitching, go to your church, your synagogue, your mosque, your parties, your families, your spreads and quit worrying about what everyone else thinks.


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