Day 10: Farewell


“Goodbye may seem forever/Farewell is like the end/ But in my heart’s a memory/ And there, you’ll always be” ~ Fox and the Hound (Disney movie)  Goodbye May Seem Forever

You said you’d always be there for me,
That you’d come when I called
Comfort me when I cried.

You promised that you’d never leave,
Swore we’d be here, together till
The end.

I never thought that your nobility
Would separate us, that the very
Traits that created virtue would

Take you from me now.
WHY?!  When I need you?
This world is cold and empty, without you!!

All I have left, is the echo
Of your voice on the breeze,
Empty arms, and a flag clutched in my hands.

The screams of ravens
Mimic the wrench of my soul
While I wrap my arms around my middle.

My heart squeezes through unyielding fingers
Clenching tightly on muscle and sinew
Blinking constantly, a smile swimming in tears.

Writing 101 – Daily Poem course. Day 10 of 10

4 thoughts on “Day 10: Farewell”

  1. A well penned poem. I can feel the emptiness of the writer in the words ‘This world is cold and empty without you.’ And in ‘All I have left is the echo of your voice in the breeze.’ Thanks for sharing this.

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