Day 9: Camouflage

*Source 1 (Anglewing), Source 2 (owl vs moth), Source 3 (king snake vs coral snake)

There are three kinds of camouflage.

  • Blending in (disappear into environment)
  • Mimicry (borrow striking features)
  • Identity Theft (looking almost identical).

If you’re in that place, right now, where you camouflage to survive, whatever and wherever, understand what that means. It’s a way of life for some, a survival mechanism for others.

But don’t ever let others have the power to put you in a place where you camouflage who you truly are, just to keep from “rocking the boat”.

Ah, so much inflection
From the past and present
The only thing better than being invisible
Is blending in, but is it really

A world misplaced, this place feels
Wrong, I don’t know what went bad
But I just don’t belong.
I may smile and act like I’m there
But I’m just not “one-of-us”
And this playground is not my home.

Conversations ebb and flow, I stand
In a river, untouched, unwetted,
A bubble I can’t pierce.
I speak silence
I remain invisible
They all pass me by.

Not that I’m begging
For attention, I just thought it’d
Be nice to be “in” for a change.
In the conversation,
In your thoughts and prayers
In the back of your mind even!

But there is nothing and no one
Just me, again, solo
I can cope and deal, I like alone
But not all the time
Not forever.

So keep pretending you don’t see me
And I’ll pretend I don’t care.
There’s a big world out there
I have to believe there is more for me
Than swimming on the fringes
Conforming to your wishes

I won’t compromise myself anymore
That’s not love, that’s  you trying
To mold me;
I won’t hide myself anymore
That’s you trying
To shame me.

And I won’t cling to the walls anymore
And try to blend in, that’s you trying
To make me disappear.
I’ll stand on my own feet
Even though I stand alone.

I’ll go my own way
Say what I want to say
Be who I am
And take the power back
The power that was meant for me.

I’ll take my heart back
I’ll take my freedom back
You can’t hide me anymore
I’m busting out, and there’s no
Damage control.

I forgive you for what you’ve done
And what you continue to do
But I’m taking my life back now
I’m done being your target
I’m done with the



Writing 101 - Daily Poem course. Day 9 of 10
Coming soon: Day 10: Farewell

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