A Home for Buddy

This story features a story written by Brenda Blagdon. Brenda’s blog, quirkycatsblog.wordpress.com, features beautiful stories on cats whom she fosters then transitions into permanent homes. If you’re interested in all things cat, do check out her blog!!

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous little ginger and white cat named Buddy who lived with his Mommy and Poppy.  Buddy was five years old and had lived all that time in a home where he was the centre of attention. His Mommy and Poppy had children but they had grown up and had children of their own, living far away.  So Mommy and Poppy treated Buddy as if he were a child.

He was given special food from their plates and slept on his own little bed in their bedroom.  In the morning he snuggled in Mommy and Poppy’s bed with them.  This was his favourite time of day.

Slowly, things began to change.  Poppy shouted at him, now, and sometimes forgot his name.  Mommy was still nice but Buddy was not allowed in their bed, and he knew that Mommy felt sad and tired much of the time. Then Mommy fell and hurt her leg and their quiet life was over. People were running in and out all day, cooking meals and running up and down stairs.  Sometimes a whole day went by and no one spoke to Buddy.

Buddy Alone by Brenda  Blagdon

Then, one day a lady came and drove Buddy far away. He was in a house with other cats and dogs, and he was scared. He heard words he had never heard before like Alzheimers and foster. Next day he was taken to another house with a man and woman. The woman called herself Mommy but Buddy knew she wasn’t his Mommy. But she was very nice and never spoke harshly to him even when he broke a valuable dish or jumped on the dining room table.  The man was nice ,too, but he didn’t rub Buddy’s fur and scratch his ears like the woman did.

Once they took him in the car and Buddy was terrified that he was going back to the house with all the cats and dogs but it was only the vet.  Soon he was back with the man and woman again.

Gradually buddy began to think less often of Mommy and Poppy.  He  had a new Mommy now and a man who wanted to be called the man and not Poppy. “No cat is calling me Daddy or Poppy , ” the man said.  Buddy didn’t care because he liked the man. The man took him on his shoulder and Buddy could see all around.

Buddy on Shoulder
Buddy on Shoulder by Brenda Blagdon

Life was good for Buddy.  The woman even said that in the spring she would get a harness and leash and take Buddy for walks outdoors. Christmas was coming, too, and Buddy liked the tree.
But all good things must come to an end. One day before Christmas, Buddy was put in his pet carrier.  All his things were gathered up and he was taken to the car.  Buddy was smart enough to know that this was no vet visit.  He cried the whole time he was in the car.

Buddy Crying
Buddy Crying by Brenda Blagdon

To make matters worse Buddy was taken to the house with all the cats and dogs.  There was meowing and barking and woofing and hissing and ruffing going on all around him. Mommy and the man  brought in all of Buddy’s things and then they left.

Buddy cried and cried. The lady in the house was very happy and tried to cheer him up. Buddy was too sad and depressed to be cheered up.  He wouldn’t even eat any food.

Then the door opened and Mommy and the man returned with a new cat carrier.  Mommy was very happy and picked Buddy up and hugged him and kissed him. Even the man kissed him and the lady in the animal house, too.

Mommy said, “Buddy, you are no longer our foster cat. We are adopting you.  You are going to be our cat for ever and ever.  You are my Christmas present.”  Buddy wasn’t sure what she meant but he knew that everything was going to be alright.


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