Day 7: Beloved


“I’m falling even more in love with you/… hanging by a moment here with you” ~Lifehouse  Hanging by a Moment

Beloved, I also
Want to Be loved.

As I contemplate
The flow of time, I
Ponder the merit of letting you
Be little spoon.

I will finger comb your hair,
And let you cook today
While I give foot rubs.

Silence is comforting
Not awkward
I wonder if you’d join me at the comic store
And oogle Wolverine.

I can make tea today;
Initiate a kiss
And penguin huddle with you under the blankets.

Beloved, I also
Want to Be loved.

Perfection in rumpled
Sleep drowned eyes, mussy
Hair, stubble everywhere that I just want to

I wouldn’t buy flowers, I’d
Draw you flowers in every
Color and variety.

It’s not just what I do for you
But that connection, sometimes
Unspoken, a heart-shaped
Block slotting perfectly.

A silent hug, a deep breath shared
Where were we?
Lost until we mutually found our…

I love you too.

Writing 101 - Daily Poem course. Day 7 of 10
Coming soon: Day 8: Graffiti

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