Coffee #4: Keep on Moving Now

If at first you don’t succeed, fry fry a hen.

Hot cocoa is in a travel mug today. I’ll be brief as there’s lots to do and little time available. Let’s sit on that bench that faces the water fountain, I want fresh air today, and the gently invasive company of pigeons.

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry lately, and I’ve been revitalized in my articulations and subject matter. I’ve been focusing more on my writing also and I think this is a direct result of the blogging courses I’ve been enrolled in via the blogging university. Suddenly, the problem is too many ideas rather than no ideas. As my friend would say, “Good problems!”.

I’m looking forward to the holidays, I’m visiting my friend and I JUST CAN’T WAIT. All squishy and tingly inside…I haven’t seen him in a year and there so much to catch upon.

Countdown!!! Time needs to go faster!!!

I’m always returning to the concept of forgiveness, in a sense, that’s why I have parents, I think. I’ve associated my childhood home with reoccurring trespasses and blatant exercises in releasing anger in favor of forgiveness. It’s just the way things go when parents have no respect for boundaries, or don’t understand why they are there. A careless sort of trespass, to be sure, but it is still troubling.

I’m not going into examples, but it is a main reason why I won’t spend the holidays with the parents this year. Nope. I need a break.

So I depart.

Besides, my family don’t celebrate the holidays- noooo, we aren’t Jehovah Witnesses, but the “pagan” holiday origin was a nuisance for their christian sensibilities.

Good times.

Sorry to cut this short, I have to get home and work on a few time-sensitive tasks. But I look forward to reconnecting next week! 🙂


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