Hey Mom, you asleep yet?


Me, on the phone with Mom:

Mom: “Aren’t you in bed yet?”

Me: “You should get some sleep. I remember what it’s like to be old and sleepy all the time-”

Mom: chuckles “What are you talking abo-?”

Me: “-They call it a nursing home.”

We burst into laughter.

Mom: “You are too wide awake, you need to get some sleep”

Me: “You too. Are you in bed?”

Mom: “Yes”

Me: “Are your eyes closed?”

Mom: “Yes ”

Me: “Are your lips closed?

Mom: “Yes, why are you-”

Me: “aHAH, they weren’t closed!!”

Mom: cracks up laughing

Me: “Hehehe!! Gotchu!”

I love chatting with Mom on the phone, she gets my sense of humor.

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