Day 3: Sleep


I spurn you
I avoid you
I…almost abhore you
But I need you.

I can’t live without you
Have no sanity without your
Guidance, no refreshment
Without your repose.

I might treat enemies badly
But I treat you worse
I blame you for my inadequacy
My failure.

And yet, I remember when
I despised moments with eyes open
Pining for eyes closed
The solace of the dark.

I wish I could show,
Capture, portray
The lives I live
Behind closed eyes.

I am ninja,
I am invincible
I am brilliant
I am the best damn assassin ever!

I save lives, I kill enemies
I decipher puzzles
I send messages to
The me that wakes.

I enjoy the thrill of the chase
The terror of my faceless
Pursuer is outweighed
By the joy of swift movement.

I meet people I never see in life,
I synch my dreams with loved ones
And we have the same experience;
The possible is effortless.

My own personal

Simply the gateway
I pass, the trelise of ivy
Caresses the

I thwart you,
Kicking and screaming
By force and
Near violence.

I cling to insomnia,
A second-rate
Nothing, useless

Incapacitating myself,
And sluggish
Yet, when I slip into
Loving arms…

I’m at peace in
Your arms- and yet
I despise that which
Is good for me.

Here I am
Instead of sleeping.

Writing 101 - Daily Poem course. Day 3 of 10
Click here for Day 4 of 10

9 thoughts on “Day 3: Sleep”

    1. Thank you wordsarefullofletters!! I am touched by such praise from one who also has such a gift with words.
      Your “attempts” are beautiful; spun gold that captures the world in its strands and permits the portal allowing viewers and readers to experience with more than just the eyes.

      I will share words my mentor once shared with me when I asked for critique on my music. He said, paraphrasing, that creativity is something so nebulous and undefined, that critique can become an imprint of one’s style upon another’s. Ironically, providing feedback can act as an influence or “pollutant” for the purity of the talent. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I will say, however, that I like how you play with the five senses. Especially touch and temperature, I like further that you parallel the emotion with a barren clime: “dry” “chilling wind”. Absence of someone is compared to loss of sound “humming” like when one ears ring due to loss of hearing at that frequency.

      Well done. Don’t ever stop “attempting”. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Yeh, sounds like we might have some similar sleep experiences except the insomnia – when sleep doesn’t come swiftly its usually because I’m excited about something happening the next day. So I get up and do something rather than give it any more energy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi calmkate, thanks for reading! I sometimes wish I had a power-down button for my brain, because it doesn’t always recognize that me lying down means I’m trying to boot down, lol. Sometimes getting up and doing things helps, but other times, it means I don’t go to sleep at all.


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